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Still struggling to get Real Estate Seller Leads? Are you tired of prospecting using old tactics that don’t produce the results needed to grow your business?

Powerful Real Estate Seller Lead generation for only $39! Easily attract Home Seller Leads by giving them information they want: the current value of their home. Say goodbye to the frustration of door knocking, and expired listings; say hello to Motivated Seller Leads that actually come to you to learn the value of their home before they list it on the market. Our Real Estate Lead Generation Websites help Real Estate agents capture Real Estate Seller Leads by using Home Value landing pages. Our sites help generate a large volume of Seller Leads for Realtors.  Start getting real estate seller leads today!

Real Estate Seller Leads

Join the top Real Estate brands in winning more listings!

More Seller Leads

Build a constant flow of seller leads using our premium landing pages designed to convert leads by offering them a Home Valuation report about their house or property.

Get More Listings

Grab seller leads while the timing is right! Leads2Listing seller leads are gathering information about their home’s current value before listing it on the market. This is your opportunity to be the expert and win the listing.

Automatic Lead Notification

Seller leads are instantly sent to your email. Convert your leads into listings by following up with a Home Value Report created personally by you.

The first 14 days are on us, no strings attached. Increase your listings volume!

What Is Leads2Listing?

Home Valuation Websites Designed To Capture Home Seller Leads.

home seller leads

Provide sellers with the number one piece of information they want to know: the current value of their home.

Millions of homeowners take to the web to find how much their home is worth as they get ready to list their home on the market for sale. Capture Real Estate Seller Leads by giving them valuable information they want, follow up to win the listing while the iron is hot and the timing is right.

Leads2Listing Home Value sites give Real Estate Pros an advantage in their market by giving them the powerful tool of Home Value Sites that are designed to convert Home Seller Leads for Realtors. Start capturing Motivated Home Seller Leads today!



Everyone Loves Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads.

 The Top Real Estate Lead Generation Websites That Pull In Hundreds of Real Estate Seller Leads Everyday. 

Seller Leads
Top Agents, Teams and Brokers All Love Leads2Listing Home Seller Leads Sites and our Real Estate Lead Generation Systems. You can stop wasting time and  money on Zillow Seller Leads & Trulia Real Estate Leads.  Here’s Why:
Agents Love It
  • Generate seller leads for specific areas or your city
  • Home Seller Leads come straight to you
  • Deliver information of value to sellers
  • Become the trusted resource of Real Estate home values in your market
  • Turnkey website
  • Powerful lead generation
  • Support from our team
Brokers Love It
  • Send seller leads to your team
  • Spend marketing dollars smarter
  • Dominate your local market with more listings
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Proven lead generation system
  • Support from our team

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How It Works

Drive Real Estate Seller Leads to Your Home Seller Leads Landing Page By Using Social Media Ads. Capture The Seller Leads for Realtors & Agents Like You and Then Follow Up With A Custom Home Valuation Report & Get The Listing From Motivated Home Seller Leads In Your Area. 

Promote your seller landing page across the internet.
Real Estate Seller Leads

Drive web traffic to your seller landing page by sharing your sites link across various social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc and by advertising using Facebook to specific zip codes and areas that you wish to target or a Google Pay Per Click campaign. Promote your seller landing page on your website, blog, email signature, newsletters, and farming postcards.

Seller lead inquires online.
Home Seller Leads For Realtors


Once you have promoted your site everywhere homeowners who are getting ready to sell their property will visit your seller landing page to find out the value of their home and start the process of giving you their contact information and their property’s address.

Instantly get the lead.
Seller Lead


Once the seller has entered in their contact information our lead system will automatically notify you via email, sending you all of the seller’s important information.

Follow up with the Seller.
Seller Leads for Realtors


Once you’ve received a lead inquiry follow up with each seller by providing them with a customized Home Value Report for their property. Use this as an opportunity to be the expert and win the listing!



Increase Your Seller Lead Generation Dramatically how to get real estate leads Our Seller Landing pages are built by agents for agents. Our premium features help to not only keep your pipeline full of potential listings, but also make seller lead generation easy and seamless.
Instant Lead Notification round2 Instantly receive a seller lead notification the moment you capture a seller lead from your site via email and never miss out on an opportunity to follow up and win the listing.
Capture The Property Address Instantly Real Estate Seller Leads No matter if your seller lead leaves your site before submitting more information, or if they simple get distracted or if life gets busy for them and the walk away from the computer... Our Seller Lead system will always capture the home owners property address the moment they enter it in on the first page of your home valuation site, ensuring that you capture the most important information, which is the home address of the property they want to know the value of.
Mobile Responsive Sites round4 Did you know that over 50% of internet traffic is from web visitors on their phones? Our Seller Landing pages are fully mobile responsive so that your site looks amazing on every mobile phone or tablet to ensure the best look usability when a mobile user visits your site.
Exclusive Mastermind Group round5 Join our Facebook Mastermind Group of top industry experts across the nation and Canada to experience in what's working, best tips and tricks and how to generate and convert more seller leads into listings.
Custom Domain round6 Want to use your own custom domain name? Sure thing! We've got you covered. You can use your custom domain so that our's will never be seen.
Customization round7 Our home valuation sites can be customized to fit your companies branding and style. You can change the background photo, change the colors,size and font style of the text. It's your site, so you can edit it however you wish and make it your own.
Different Styles To Choose From round8 Choose from a few different stunning landing page styles and themes with our landing page theme switcher.
Run Multiple Sites round9 Need more than just one home value site? Want to target 3 different market areas at the same time? No problem, you can launch 3 separate home value sites and make them custom to each market area you are targeting.
Premium Support round10 Get stuck or need help? Our amazing support team is always ready to help you.
Automated Email Follow Up Real Estate Seller Leads Spark a conversion and engage leads with a powerful automated email follow up system that delivers drip emails to your leads over time. Nurture your leads and follow up with like a pro!
Lead Management round12 Easily manage, edit, create notes and change the status of each seller lead with our online lead management tool.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. If you are outside of the US, our system will automatically convert the currency for you!

How is the Home Valuation or CMA provided?

Our product does not use “Zestimates” or other public Real Estate sites to provide the Home Valuations because the information provided is often inaccurate. We believe the most accurate and professional way to provide a serious Seller with information about their home is with real time data. With that in mind, in order to customize the CMA to the property address the Seller has provided we suggest using your local MLS, Cloud CMA, or preferred home valuation product in order to generate a home value report.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes you can! After signing up with us you just need to point your DNS settings to our IP address. Once you’ve done that, we’ll take care of the rest! Contact Support and we will walk you through it. This process can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

How many seller leads can I expect to generate each month?

That’s entirely up to how much effort you put into promoting your site. In order to generate leads you need to drive traffic to your site by leveraging social media advertising, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, neighborhood mailers, e-newsletters, and anywhere else you can market your site to sellers. The site is yours, for the duration of your subscription, so market it however you please and the way that works best for you.

Do you provide leads to us?

No, we do not provide leads to our users. The number of leads you receive is a direct result of your own marketing efforts.

How do I send traffic to my seller landing page?

You can drive web traffic to your seller landing page by sharing your site’s link across various social media sites such as (but not limited to) Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. We also recommend advertising on Facebook to target specific zip codes, areas and demographics. You can also use Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns to capture sellers who Google tools for learning current market values. Don’t forget to promote your seller landing page on your website, blog, email signature, newsletters, and farming postcards. The options are limitless, but these are just some “getting started” ideas.

Do I get to keep my leads?

Yes, every lead that you capture is your lead. We do not share or sell any of your leads; they are 100% yours. In fact, you can download all of your leads in your personal dashboard.

How will Leads2Listing help my business?

Leads2Listing offers you an advantage in you market area by helping you leverage the internet and sellers’ desires to know what their home is currently worth. By pairing these together you can generate more leads than other sites by using a lead capturing landing page designed to convert leads to listings, thereby increasing your annual sales volume. Currently, our average user is generating anywhere between 20 and 40 leads per week.

Is there a monthly contract?

No, we don’t believe in monthly contracts. You can cancel anytime with no questions asked or eyebrows raised.

Are there any other fees besides the monthly user fee?

There are no — none, zero, zilch, nada — other fees charged for using

How easy is it to set up my site?

Very easy! You can set up your site in less than 15 minutes. As a new users we send you very detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to your inbox. If you can update your profile on social media, you can use our product.

Can I change the main text on the homepage to say my city or neighborhoods name, like (My City) Home Values?

Yes! In fact, all of the text in our website is completely customizable. You can customize the main text message to say whatever you like. However, we suggest keeping all of the call-to-actions short and simple, using something like “Getting Ready To Sell Your (enter your city or area) Home?” in order for web visitors to immediately understand the site’s purpose.

Can I add my contact information?

Yes, you can add your contact information on the top header and the bottom footer of the inner pages of the website. We also have a “Thank You” page that the seller will see once they submit their information and you can have your agent photo, email and contact information there as well.

How will I know if I have a seller lead?

Our contact system automatically sends you each lead via email when they sign up so you never miss a lead.

What happens if I need help?

We pride ourselves in providing awesome on going customer service to our customers. If you get stuck, just contact us at and we will guide you through any questions or problems you may be experiencing.

Why is this type of lead capturing system so successful?

When a web visitor comes to your website their intention is clear: find out the current value of their home. Because our sites are built with providing that information as the only purpose the conversion rate is very high. Sellers who are seeking information are reassured that a professional expert is going to provide it to them and therefore they proceed with the process. We’d like to add, though, that conversions are only successful when you actively work the leads and use the number of leads to your advantage.

My question hasn't been answered here. How do I contact you?

If you have additional questions please feel free to send us an email at
We will answer your question within one business day.

Why can't I call you?

Right now we are a very small company and each member wears many different hats. That means our time is spread extremely thin during the day and we are doing our very best to make sure all of our users, and future users, are happy. We hope to grow large enough in the future to have Phone Support but for right now we hope you understand and can be patient with us. We will always respond to your support questions at and we are happy to set up a time to call you back if a person-to-person chat is requested.



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