Here are 3 of the best ways to generate Real Estate Seller Leads using Facebook Ads

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Hi, I’m Travis Thom!  I am the co-founder of Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads and just like you, I am a Real Estate agent. I started our Seller Lead generation service after my success that landed me a spot in Realtor Magazines Top 30 Under 30 as a top finalist.

Below is just one of the effective strategies I used to close millions in sales each year. By using Facebook targeted ads you can zone in on the people that you want to be your future clients. It’s an amazing way to generate leads and make yourself a known figure to home owners in your local market. 

Without further adieu here are 3 of the best ways to generate seller leads using Facebook targeted ads.


1.Promote Your Ad to Specific Price Points in Your Market Area or City – Using Facebook’s upgraded advertising tools, you can build ads targeting people who live in specific areas and within specific price ranges in those areas. For example, you can target an entire audience of people who own homes valued between  $300K and $349K in a zip code.  You can find this capability in Facebook’s  Audience under More Demographics. Once you’re there, click on Home and select Home ValueNow can then choose the home value ranges that you would like your ads to target. 

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2.Promote Your Ad to Newly Weds & New Parents – Major life events are a strong key point indicator that someone may be looking to move soon. Facebook gives you the ability to target audiences who have recently gotten engaged, married, or have children. A growing family may need a larger home.  You can find these advanced targeting under Audience, click on More Demographics and then at the bottom choose Life Events. From there you can select from many choices such as Newly Engaged to Newly Married.

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3.Target People Who Are  “likely to move”– Facebook also now has added a way for you to target people based on behaviors, such as those who are most “likely to move” soon. You can find this targeted demographic under Audienceand then look under Behaviors. Scroll down to Residential Profiles, and then select “Likely to Move”. 

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 Success With Facebook Ads for Generating Leads For Realtors

Facebook ads are a great way to generate Home Seller Leads. You can target demographics by age, zip code and many other factors, but there is a wrong way and a right way to put together an ad. Here is an example of the best Facebook ads to run that have been proven to get results. 

This ad is using the same photo as the landing page that it directs clicks to, therefore letting visitors know they’ve landed on the right page, which builds trust.  The image bright, colorful, relevant and doesn’t look like a random stock photo, so it gets your attention. It also asks viewers a question, rather than making an assumption and an incorrect statement that may turn them away. 

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The Facebook ad copy used to get Seller Leads to click on the ad needs to be inviting, evoking curiosity, and not sound like your trying to sell them on anything before they can investigate further.  

This particular ad helped to generate over 120 Motivated Seller Leads in a 30 day period, running only a $5.00 per day.

The key strengths of this ad are the following:

  • The best headlines ask questions. For example: “What Is Your Home Worth?” …or… “Do You Know Your Home’s Current Value?” It makes an emotional connection with a Seller, creating curiosity and interest. Try using text that sounds more like a conversation, rather than a sales pitch. We’ve found it drastically increases clicks as it immediately begins to build trust with the viewer. 
  • Using the “Learn More” call to action has been proven to receive the most clicks. 
  • Since most people use their mobile devices to view Facebook, disable or remove the Right Column version of your ad to save money.
  • The Desktop News Feed option is still a good option because it is bigger and will grab more attention.

Using these Facebook ad tactics are great ways to generate viable Seller Leads. You don’t have to buy real estate Seller Leads from 3rd party companies; you can generate them completely on your own with your own marketing efforts! If you want to build up a steady database of seller leads give Leads2Listing a try, free, for 14 days. Kick the tires to see how many leads you can capture!

Start your 14 day free trial today. 


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