Getting Real Estate Listing Leads, The right way and the wrong way…

I was thinking about you today. Well actually I was thinking about your business and about Real Estate Seller Leads of course.


I was thinking how in our industry as marketers/Real Estate agents, we often see new agents and brokerages whipping out marketing that didn’t have much thought or strategy to it.

Spending heaps of hard earned money on things that sellers and buyers really don’t want or even notice for that matter… How many times have you seen another agent send out recipe cards or a calendar… Or my failed favorite a magnet on their car.

And these agents are left scratching their heads, wondering why their marketing didn’t work… In any industry you have to raise the level and strategy of how you market yourself, how you grab the attention of the world.

Here’s a quick story about my failed marketing. Maybe you can relate to it.

I was 20 years old and just two years fresh in the business and hungry for closings. I had an idea that I thought would bring me a wave of Motivated Seller Leads for Free (or at least as close to being free as possible) beating at my door to list their home.  Finding Motivated Seller Leads was a hard task but I was certain I had the solution!

It was the day before the Fourth of July and I had purchased 500 little American flags with a postcard on it celebrating the holiday and the postcard had a photo of me and my usually “call me if you want to sell…” line.

This had to work! Right…?

I set out around noon, the hottest time of the day. Which was first mistake.

And yes, I was on foot in my dress shoes of course. I wanted to look professional,  however little did I know my shoes and my old school marketing tactic would lead to a rough night. Anyways, door to door I went, knocking and stuffing mailboxes and anything else I could stab with my little flags.

At this point, I’ve hit 300 homes, my feet are killing me and its getting dark. Did I mentioned not one solid prospect yet?

“I am determined to finish, I need listings and this neighborhood will never forgot me. ” That’s the silly mantra I was telling myself…

Well they probably will never forget me. Because here is what happens that night. I took my shoes off for comfort. Walked door to door in the dark…in my socks. ( not a bright idea). As I headed down the dark drive way of one house and tried to leave a flag and postcard, I heard a door creak open.

And then I heard the sound of an animals nails scraping the concert like it was trying desperately to gain traction. I thought that’s strange what would this animal be trying to go after with such force?

My question was soon answered.

In the dark shadows I could see a vary large Rottweiler running my way. It was almost in slow motion, frame by frame it came closer. If you’ve never seen a shoeless 20 year old running with miniature American flags through a neighborhood being chased by a Rottweiler, then you’ve missed out.

Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I made it out alive and without any dog bites.

So did I get any listings or attract any Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads?

My office received two calls over the weekend and on Monday our office Secretary read them two me, out loud.

“Travis, you have two messages, first one: Please tell your agent to never come to our neighborhood and door and litter our neighborhood with flags again.”

And the second message…

“I am calling to make sure that one of your agents is OK? I thought he was a burglar trying to get in my house in the dark and I let our family dog out to chase him away, I just know saw the flag and postcard, happy Fourth of July.”

So, listings? No, no listings.

Finding Motivated Seller Leads Real Estate is a hard business. I learned that the hard way, I was very new to the industry and trying to learn How to Generate Leads in Real Estate on my own without any knowledge of how it done and with out any kind of Motivated Home Seller Listing Service to help boost my efforts, it was discouraging to say the least. 

It wasn’t until many years later after several failed attempts using many different promised ways to get Motivated Home Sellers that I finally studied the steps that sellers take as they get ready to sell their home and one of the main habits that we kept seeing was that each home owner wanted to know how much they could sell their home for. This step was taken usually before they even interviewed an agent and was the start of their investigative process.  

 The steps that each seller took to decide  was a little different, but on average we saw a large majority of our sellers go online and search for different tools to find the value of their home. We saw a decline in trust in sites like Zillow, where often sellers would see a drastic and unrealistic value of their home value that would often leave them with more questions than answers.

We saw this as an opportunity to not only help home owners get a professional and accurate home valuation by a local agent, but also help agents capture Seller Leads for Realtors and step in front of the home owner, capture their information and follow up with them to seal the deal and win the listing. 


It’s a tool that goes to work for the agent and eliminates the long hard days of door knocking and cold calling.  It certainly helps to develop a “warm” lead, so that when you do make contact with the seller that has requested a home valuation you aren’t contacting them out of the blue, you essentially have a direct purpose and reason for your follow up making the agents job all that easier to connect with the home owner and develop a conversation backed with a purpose. We believe that this helps that agent by making them the local authority on home values and creates some reciprocity by providing the seller with information of value. 


Our system has Motivated Sellers Real Estate coming directly to the agent instead of the agent having to struggle with different way to get listings… It’s a breath of fresh air for most agents that want to streamline their Real Estate Listing Lead Generation and focus on winning more listings and turning up their sales volume.

 Motivated Home Seller Leads

Tell me your marketing failure story if you have one.

Succeed with marketing that works and give sellers information they want. If you are looking for Listing Leads for Realtors and trying to find a better way on How to Get Real Estate Leads, give Leads2Listing a try.  


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