Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Real Estate Landing Pages


The best Real Estate Squeeze Pages have three major items of focus. 

  1. They have laser like focus about extracting contact information.
  2. They have very little distractions, like other links, too much text or more than one call-to-action.
  3. They offer something that the visitor wants. 


The usual Real Estate Landing Page Templates out there on the web are pretty tired looking and lack quality design and purpose, they pretty much suck… and they don’t focus on the top 3 mentioned above. 

As a company that makes Real Estate Lead Generation Websites we understand what works and what doesn’t. No matter what your seller lead generation may come from or look like, the main goal is to convert and close the lead. We’ve had hundreds of agents come to us after spending tons of money on Trulia Real Estate Leads,  crappy services that promise Free Real Estate Seller Leads…

The truth is that, if you want good leads that are going to convert. You need high quality Real Estate Lead Generation Systems in place that are well built and can attract quality leads. 

Let’s go over the visual appeal and the art and science of the Lead Generation Real Estate Agents need to know and use. 

First let’s go over the home valuation site that is generating more Home Seller Leads than any other service out there right now. 

Real Estate Landing Page Examples



This style of Real Estate Lead Generation website is designed to capture the contact information on the first page. We use of the imagery is pretty slick, as the photo is of a baby boomer couple that appears to be searching for a home on their Ipad in their higher end home. This photo is a great way to pull in empty nesters or older couples looking to down size and that want to know the value of their home, before they start that process. 

The new flat design style of the landing page and call to action is familiar and attractive that builds confidence that the site is trustworthy and up to date. The call to action button doesn’t have the old and simple wording of “submit” but rather a little jedi mind trick using the two words “Log In”. 

You and home owners out there, see these words everyday and don’t think twice about hitting that button, when it is coupled with typing in their email address, so walla! You now have a Seller Lead that came in effortlessly.

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