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Hi I am Travis Thom, the owner of Leads2Listing. Before I started our real estate lead generation software company I was the owner and head broker of my own Real Estate brokerage. Using certain Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and methods that I had refined over time, I had become a finalist for Realtor Magazines Top 30 Under Top 30. 


It was an exciting time in my career and it was a lot of hard work as well. I had used and spent my money on silly things like Trulia and other Lead Generation Websites that promised huge potential gains from using them, only to disappoint me in the end.

So after spending weeks reading several Reviews online I found a few things that other Real Estate agents wanted or had mentioned in the review of certain companies, and a pattern of these key items keep coming up.

One, is that agents didn’t want to have to compete with other agents on the same platform that they were paying for to get leads.

Two, agents didn’t want to have to pay a hefty amount of money for leads that they may or may not close… Some of these companies were charging $1,500 a month!! It blew my mind!

Three, agents wanted to have a some what set it and forget solution that brought it leads and they wanted a flexible yet easy system that they could control and not pay a fortune for.

I essentially wanted the same thing and not just for me, but for every agent out there that has tried out other systems to generate leads and not be 100% happy with the results. So I set out with the mission to build a Landing Page company that could accomplish what other agents wanted to have.

After several months and lot’s of coffee…. I had developed our very first Real Estate Home Valuation Landing Page that looked like this below;



I had developed a home valuation landing page that was targeting home owners that wanted to know the value of their home. Everyone wants to know what there home is worth, so this was an easy choice for us to build. Now the big question! How do we drive traffic and get home owners to go to the site and get leads?

 How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Facebook


1.Promote Your Ad to Specific Price Points in Your Market Area or City – Using Facebook’s upgraded advertising tools, you can build ads targeting people who live in specific areas and within specific price ranges in those areas. For example, you can target an entire audience of people who own homes valued between  $300K and $349K in a zip code.  You can find this capability in Facebook’s  Audience under More Demographics. Once you’re there, click on Home and select Home ValueNow can then choose the home value ranges that you would like your ads to target.


2.Promote Your Ad to Newly Weds & New Parents – Major life events are a strong key point indicator that someone may be looking to move soon. Facebook gives you the ability to target audiences who have recently gotten engaged, married, or have children. A growing family may need a larger home.  You can find these advanced targeting under Audience, click on More Demographics and then at the bottom choose Life Events. From there you can select from many choices such as Newly Engaged to Newly Married.



3.Target People Who Are  “likely to move”– Facebook also now has added a way for you to target people based on behaviors, such as those who are most “likely to move” soon. You can find this targeted demographic under Audienceand then look under Behaviors. Scroll down to Residential Profiles, and then select “Likely to Move”.


Seller Leads for Realtors

4. Targeting Home Owners and Home Type

Now Facebook has also released a new feature that allows you to specifically target home owners and segment that group, so that you are not targeted non home owners ( renters) and allows you to focus just on this group.  Under More Demographics, choose home and then choose “Home Type” and or “Home Ownership.”



Facebook ads are a great way to generate Leads. You can target demographics by age, zip code and many other factors, but there is a wrong way and a right way to put together an ad. Here are some great examples of the best Facebook ads to run that have been proven to get results.





Real Estate Seller Leads






The Facebook ad copy used to get Leads to click on the ad needs to be inviting, evoking curiosity, and not sound like your trying to sell them on anything before they can investigate further.  

These particular ads helped to generate over 400 Leads in a 30 day period, running only a $7.00 per day.

The key strengths of these ads are the following:

  • The best headlines ask questions. For example: “What Is Your Home Worth?” …or… “Do You Know Your Home’s Current Value?” It makes an emotional connection with a Seller, creating curiosity and interest. Try using text that sounds more like a conversation, rather than a sales pitch. We’ve found it drastically increases clicks as it immediately begins to build trust with the viewer. 
  • Using the “Learn More” call to action has been proven to receive the most clicks. 
  • The Desktop News Feed option is still a good option because it is bigger and will grab more attention.

Using these Facebook ad tactics are great ways to generate viable Leads. You don’t have to buy Leads from 3rd party companies; you can generate them completely on your own with your own marketing efforts! If you want to build up a steady database of  leads give Leads2Listing a try, free, for 14 days. Kick the tires to see how many leads you can capture!


Follow up, follow up , follow up……

Getting the lead is easy, closing the lead is a harder process and it is all about follow up. It’s an art and science that you should be testing, testing, testing… No lead is going to act the same way, since of course these seller leads are humans with their own lives doing things that you and I do on a daily basis. The key thing to remember is that each lead needs to be nurtured, just like a garden, if you don’t water it on a regular basis it’s not going to produce anything for you. So you need to nurture the lead and build a relationship of trust.  

Here are a few suggestions that we have about the follow up process. 

  • Create a CMA/Home valuation and drop off the CMA  at the property address
  • Send a personal note about your services and a bio about you and your company
  • Set up an email follow up for 30 to 60 days and nurture the lead over time
  • Send the seller lead a guide on how to sell their home for a higher profit. Share your expertise with them. 
  • Send them a new revised CMA every month with local market updates about there area to keep them updated. 


Delight Them.

Even though you have contacted them, your job isn’t finished just yet… This is where most agents stop and this is also where most agents lose the business. When we say delight we me mean “Influence”.  There are several ways to keep your leads delighted by your brand and what you have to offer, so we encourage agents to make a list of what they do offer, how they are different and work those into a campaign that will help to influence your seller leads into your business.  Here are some tops ways to use the list of what makes you special and how to use them in your favor. 

  • Write a blog post on some success stories about past and current listings you’ve sold, send these posts via email to your leads
  • Run a contest on social media or by mail to your leads for a $500 gift card to Lowes Home Improvement 
  • Invite your seller leads to your open houses with a special invite that they get a sneak peek on how you market your listings
  • Start a VIP email list about restuarnt openings and local happenings around town they should know about
  • Run a partnership campaign with a local cleaning company and send out a contest drawing for your seller leads
  • Keep your leads updated via newsletter or email about home update and house keeping tips



We hear this question often- “How do I get Leads?”

I keep hearing from other agents, how hard it is to get leads and they all start out with a yearly goal of X amount of listings, because we all know that you have to list to last…

And then sadly they fall short on achieving that goal, they get distracted or frustrated trying to figure out how to get sellers and then that piece of their marketing slowly gets neglected and dries up and sadly so does their business…

At the top of my business, I had a little over 250 listings. 

Yes, that’s not a typo… I achieved several of those listings from listing condo and Townhouse developments that had multiple listings. However I didn’t start out with a large development and it didn’t just fall in my lap either.

It was hard work, but it did start from one thing. Getting one listing at a time…

Years before all this, if you asked me how to get a listing, I would have struggled to give you an answer that made sense or that was truly effective.

Sure I got listings here and there and I sold them, but it wasn’t nearly what I could be doing…

It wasn’t until I started to really see a pattern in how listings where won.

Have you ever watched a lion on TV hunt its prey? The big cats have a short spurt of energy so they do everything based on energy conservation and therefore hunt by choosing the easiest path to the prey.

And where is that for Lion’s in the wild?

Most Lions wait in the tall brush near a watering hole, knowing that all the other animals need to drink and by knowing where to be is their first act of being the king of the jungle…

Now you aren’t hunting sellers… I know that. But my Lion King analogy is the best way I can describe how I broke down the science and pattern of sellers and where and how to place myself to capture them.

All sellers want to know one critical thing before they list their home. They want to know the value.

After this breakthrough discovery, I knew I had to create a marketing blueprint that would put me right in the bush near the water…

The best way to capture Leads is by giving them what they want, the information that you know and that they value. It’s that simple.

Join me in generating more leads and take on a 14 day test drive for FREE.    

See you in the tall brush…


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