A Few Of The Best Real Estate Seller Leads Ads On Facebook

Whether you are just starting out capturing Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook or you are a good ole’ pro at generating Seller Leads using Facebook ads, we have gone over a few of the best Facebook ads that have helped to generate seller leads for agents and we review why they are kicking ass. 

Every part of a Home Seller Lead ad has a certain formula that is being used that makes it successful. Let’s explore what those certain elements are and why you need them in your Facebook ads. 

Headline-  Your headline is the first part of text in your ad and this needs to be attention getting. Make it relevant to the purpose of your goal, which in the case of Real Estate Seller Leads, you need to write your headline to either ask a question, example; ” How much is your home worth in today’s market?”  or my personal favorite which is to combine a statement and a question; “Home sales are heating up! What is your property’s value? Find out what you can sell it for?”


 Image- The image in your ad needs to be eye catching. Facebook loves images and so do the people that will be clicking on your ads, so you want to make sure that you pick out one that connects your headline’s message to your goal of capturing the lead.  In most cases this will be an image of a house or a neighborhood. However play around with your images and see what works best for you. 

Let’s dive in! 

This ad is creative in it’s use of the image it has. It shows the local heat map of the areas of the city that they market in, which helps the ad to make it more hyper local and relevant to the audience that the ad is being shown to.  It also shows the month and year in the ad which helps to make it more relevant by the  


Seller Leads




Real Estate Seller Leads



Real Estate Seller Leads

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