Why buy real estate seller leads?

Do You Need More Seller Leads?


Are you in Real Estate and trying to build a system that can get you more listing leads for realtors? You may have been in Real Estate for years and never thought twice about using a system or service to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads or maybe you have and gotten burned in the past…

The truth is that buying Real Estate Seller Leads is probably not the best method to get more listings and the term “buying” is a little misleading and can be thrown around to mean different things to different people. To me, it’s sounds like buying a Real Estate Lead is more like buying a pre-gathered batch of leads that came from somewhere, and might be just as good as Free Real Estate Leads… For whatever there worth?

So is it a bad and worthless practice to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads ?

As I mentioned above, it depends on your definition of “buying” if you are buying packaged leads that come from a source or you are paying for a service that you use to generate and capture Home Seller Leads using a landing page, then those two definitions are different.


Learning How to Get Listing Leads and How to Generate Leads in Real Estate is more effective than buying pre packaged seller leads, however at some point it’s probably going to be a service that you end up paying for, and that isn’t a bad thing if it generates leads and listings for you.

We suggest that you not Buy Real Estate Leads, but instead invest in a system that helps you to generate and capture Home Seller Leads for Realtors and learn, grow and prosper from a lead generation service, rather than go out and buy leads that may be wrong numbers and bad leads over all.

If you are interested in learning how to generate Real Estate Seller Leads and building a large database of seller leads give us a try for free for 14 days!








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