Facebook Location Targeting For Real Estate Seller Leads

Real Estate Seller Leads


Facebook recently released their newest addition to location targeting for their ads and with this new addition you can now target prospective Home Seller Leads or just new clients by targeting specific addresses and people that have either recently visited that area or have passed through that area recently. 


New Ways To Target Real Estate Seller Leads by Geography 


Target By Address

When selecting the geographic location of your audience, you’ll notice a little update… 

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People Who Live In This Location

Let’s say you don’t want to reach anyone who is just visiting the area. You only want people who permanently live in the area…

Motivated Seller Leads


By selecting this you will be reaching anyone whose home is in the selected area —  (most likely determined by Facebook profile information.)


People Recently In This Location

Now let’s say that you don’t want to target people living in the selected location, but instead you only want those who were recently there. You can do that now, too…

FB location 4

What would this be good for ?

Strategy 1:

Let’s say you have an open house or you have a competitor that is having an open house and you want to target the home buyer leads that are visiting this open house or the community they are looking in. That’s a great way to advertise your property search, new listings or just your service or home valuation landing page to these prospective buyers. 

Strategy 2:

There is a large new construction development and you have selected a homes address in this development to use as the location for your ads. Now, with this ad campaign you can target all the buyers or possible sellers that have visited the area or that live in this community. 



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New demographic changes that are great for Real Estate Seller Lead Generation.

Targeting by home type is nothing too new, however there are a few new changes that are worthy mentions.

You can now target by:

  • Property Size
  • Square Footage
  • and Year Home Built

This is great for those that want a much more laser focused audience for certain ads. 

year built


What would this be good for ?

Strategy 1:

Let’s say you want to target by Year home built and you want to target homes that are coming up a almost 7 years of when they were built. Research has shown that people usually only live in a home on average for about 7 years and then they move. So this is a great way to start promoting your self and capture leads for these homes. 

Strategy 2:

Let’s say you want to target by property size and target Empty nesters ( see below ), these combined create a powerful way for you to target home owners that are most likely living in a house that may be too large for them now that they are empty nesters and they are a perfect candidate for down sizing! This a great way to reach this coveted buyer group and help them determine their homes value before they get ready to sell and downsize. 


 Targeting New Parents 

A growing family may need more space and with this need, they also probably need to sell their current home…

empty nest


With all these new changes you can turn your home valuation Facebook campaigns into laser focused campaigns for each buyer segment that may be closer to selling than you thought. Give it a try and see!  Want to learn how to target home owners by home value and home type? Watch our how to VIDEO here- How To Target Home Owners by Home Value and Home Type

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