Why Should I have a Real Estate Seller Leads Landing Page?

Real Estate Seller Leads


Lead generation is the lifeblood of many successful real estate agencies. But whether you are a seasoned veteran or newly licensed agent, gathering qualified Home Seller Leads for Realtors can seem like a daunting—if not impossible—task.

Identifying enough sales leads to keep your pipeline full used to mean hours spent on the phone, going door to door or making the rounds at community functions. Finding those qualified leads among larger, general populations of home owners can be a slow process, yielding mixed results. Adhering to restrictions under the do-not-call registry and neighborhoods with non-solicitation ordinances can further complicate the process.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How to Get Real Estate Listing Leads in Today’s Real Estate Environment

Getting Real Estate Seller Leads today is a whole new ballgame. One of the best ways to engage potential listing clients is through the creation of a home seller lead landing page. The fact is, today’s home owners are more plugged in than ever before. Understanding how prospective clients gather information online and how that affects their expectations for real estate services can help to fine tune your process for uncovering Motivated Sellers Leads.

Understanding the way your prospective customers use the Internet can generate more qualified, Free Real Estate Seller Leads for you. For example, Baby Boomers are a critical segment for generating real estate listings. Unlike Millennials, Baby Boomers tend to rely on computers over smart phones to go online. They also have high expectations of receiving valuable information in exchange for their online research efforts. Understanding this expectation can help you gear your marketing program appropriately, including use of a lead-generating landing page that provides Baby Boomers with the pricing information they are seeking. 

So, why are these factors important? By the end of 2015, it’s expected that Americans aged 50 years and older will represent 45 percent of the population and control upwards of 70 percent of the wealth. This one segment of the population is believed to wield some $3 trillion worth of buying power in the U.S. alone, making them extremely important as prospective clients. Having the ability to tap into how this population segment thinks, how they make decisions and how they use the Internet can fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Why a Home Seller Landing Page is Essential

Rather than the same old process of using the phone or going door to door, get in touch with the habits and expectations of targeted groups of prospective clients by incorporating a lead sales landing page into your marketing program.

Most landing pages are created to fall into two categories:

1. To allow you to capture contact information on prospective customers, enabling you to easily market your services to them in the future; or, 

2. To “warm up” your potential customer for an immediate sale.

Although your home sales lead landing page falls primarily into the first category, you will also reap some benefits of the second as prospective clients will be hungry to learn more about achieving the optimal price for their home, seeking out services beyond their free market analysis. They may not be making an immediate purchase of goods, which is what most e-commerce sites involve, but they may be influenced to actively seek out your services within a short period of time.

The most valuable piece of information you can expect to get from a Real Estate Seller lead landing page is an email address. This gives you the permission to continue communicating with your prospects. Once this permission has been granted, you can implement a powerful, multi-pronged approach to communication, including phone, email, direct mail and in-home visits.

Although the primary purpose of your home sales lead landing page may be to gather contact information for qualified leads, your landing page still has many of these same elements as an e-commerce landing page because your goal will be to provide a conduit between the advertisement for a free market analysis and the sale of your services as a professional real estate salesperson.

If you have ever wondered how to generate Real Estate Leads, take a page from the book of other successful companies inside and outside of the real estate sector: landing pages are proven marketing tools. Companies focused on a variety of industries have been leveraging landing pages to market their businesses for a number of years because they see several benefits, including:

1. Opportunity to collect user information. By utilizing a landing page to provide your prospects with a quick, easy-to-fill-in form, you can gather necessary contact information for follow-up while also analyzing the data to learn more about your prospective customers.

2. Creation of conversion funnels. Your home seller landing page can be crafted to fit your specific business goal, which is to gain listings. By engaging visitors with information related to the sale of their home, you begin to build their excitement for the entire home-selling process. Satisfying their need to answer the biggest concern about selling their home—how much can I reasonably expect to receive from a sale?—helps to move them from information-gathering mode to action mode, while engaged with your site.

3. Building your reputation as a knowledgeable professional. Without even speaking to prospective clients, you are already contributing to their impression of you as a knowledgeable resource. Embarking on the journey to selling a home can be a nerve-wracking experience, but by creating an image of yourself as a solid, helpful and informed resource, you provide prospective clients with the safety net they are desperately seeking.

Ready, Set, Launch!

As a real estate salesperson, you know the importance of continually filling your sales pipeline with high-quality leads. Utilizing a lead-generating landing page puts you in the drivers seat by providing you with contact information for those home owners already known to have at least some degree of interest in selling their homes. 

In addition, a seller lead landing page contributes to your brand reputation by setting you up as a knowledgeable resource. It also allows you to meet expectations of some of the most important client segments by way of a providing something of value related to their search. By harnessing today’s technology and not abandoning what you already know about your target client group’s expectations and decision-making, you can achieve optimal results with your lead-generating efforts.  

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