How To Use SMS Text Messages for Real Estate Lead Generation

Did you get your home valuation I sent over?

Lead Generation Real Estate Agents

If you are using the many different Real Estate Lead Generation Websites out there, you may have been over looking a very important and simple tool that is helping agents to increase conversions and close deals.  What is it? SMS text messaging. It’s nothing new to the scene, however it’s powerful when used in Real Estate Lead Generation Systems like home valuation landing pages.


Real Estate Leads for Realtors and SMS Text messages are becoming very effective for Real Estate agents in their Home Seller Leads follow up process.  How does it work?  Real Estate Listing Leads are captured via a landing page and if it’s a landing page that can capture the home owners phone number the system that we Leads2Listing offers is one that agents then receive a text notification about the lead with the contact information of the seller lead, making it easier to then text the seller lead about their home or the valuation and start a conversation.

Text Follow Up  To Home Seller Lead

Here is a short list of great messages to send out to a seller lead to spark a conversation and get the home owner to respond;

“Hi, did you get your home valuation I sent over?”

“This is ———– with ———- Realty, just checking in to see if you had a chance to review your homes new market value I sent over?”

“Thank you for requesting your homes valuation from us, I have a few quick questions that I need in order to finish your valuation. I am stuck on a few details that may effect the value by $35,000, is now a good time to talk?”

“Our office was surprised by your homes value, which is a good thing! I hope you are just as pleased. Do you have a moment to go over the valuation report now?”


These are all great conversation starters that you can use to text a home seller lead and develop a line of communication quickly. Real Estate Listing Leads can be very lucrative and produce listings for agents over years to come, however the key is to follow up.  If you are not following up, then it’s like setting up a fishing pole in a lake and then leaving for a week and never checking to see if you’s caught a fish or if you should add more bait…

The lead generation process of getting Home Seller Leads for Realtors is easy, but some agents forget to follow up and then lose sight of the goal.  Real Estate Leads for Agents can be turned into listings and profit if you start using this simple follow up strategy and start texting seller leads as soon as you get them coming in.

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