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How to Generate Leads in Real Estate And Then Convert Them Into Sellers Using Online Marketing


Imagine that you could get access to a list of the top tools to use to help you with your Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and help you to focus on building your business.  We’ll today is that day. We will go over the top resources that you can use to implement a smarter online and offline marketing strategy to generate more leads and turn them into closed sales.

As your business grows and the busier you get, you’ll need to scale and automate some of your marketing. The oldest problem that most agents struggle with in their Real Estate business is prospecting and daily business.  In order to generate more business you need to prospect and market yourself, which means you’ll need to nurture leads, past clients, family and friends, however in the past, many agents would market themselves to get the business and then once they got busy closing those leads, the marketing stopped and they had to start all over again, because the ball way dropped months ago and no new leads had been nurtured or no marketing was being created.

The solution is to build a system of marketing tools that help you to automate and systematize your lead nurturing.

Creating Your Funnel For Real Estate Listing Lead Generation

Real Estate Seller Leads


Building your sales or conversion funnel can take time and frankly can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start or what tools to use. Once you have found the best set of tools to use and which systems work for your Real Estate business model then it’s much easier to draw out the funnel and lead nurturing process. Capturing Seller Leads for Realtors is the main focus that we will be looking at with a conversion funnel and how to create one that hits each stage of the life cycle of a seller lead.

listing to leads


With any kind of sales funnel you should have a lead nurturing program set up on the back end, so when you do capture a lead that person is then nurtured with educational and quality content over time, helping you to build trust and create awareness of your brand and your message. This is a key part to the over all process of online marketing and when you have a home owner that is making a huge life choice of what to do with their largest asset ( their home ),  they will want to work with someone they can trust and someone that they have built a relationship with.

This relationship building can take time, and with more seller leads the process of getting to know what you are about and what you offer is a gently marketing dance that takes some care to develop. But before we dive into that setup and system, you have to start with capturing the home seller leads and start getting their emails and info in order to begin a conversation. Enter the home valuation landing page;


How to Get Real Estate Leads Using A Landing Page



With any type of Real Estate Lead Generation marketing campaign, your goal is to capture the persons information. Our personal favorite is the home valuation landing page. You will most likely be running Facebook ads to home owners in your local Real Estate market and those ads will drive traffic to your home valuation landing page. Generating traffic and leads is the easy part, kind of… the biggest and often most over looked step that turns agents into mega producers is follow up.


Unexpected kindness is the most

In this stage of our funnel we have now captured the seller lead. Now we need to explore what comes next, after all follow up and lead nurturing is our goal here. The bare minimum that you want to capture from any type of lead generation is at the very least an email address. This is what is called “Low Friction Conversions”,  many people are running marketing campaigns the wrong way on Facebook and they are driving traffic to sites that don’t capture the lead or do not offer a item of value in exchange for an email. The reason, once again that you need to capture an email is to capture and nurture your leads and develop a relationship.

 ExactTarget reported that, “91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once everyday,” which means as a Real Estate Marketing Pro, your job is to get them to open your emails by using quality information that they want to read and will find helpful.

A survey conducted by the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association revealed that 79% of respondents prefer to receive emails, more than any other medium.



Email Graph


Email marketing is not dead, any with Real Estate is still one of the most common used sources of communication, so this should be a natural start for anyone creating their lead funnel for home seller leads.

Email Marketing Tools

Once you have captured your seller leads using Real Estate Lead Generation Websites or a home valuation landing page, you will need to start the follow up or nurturing process via email. Here are a few we suggest looking into;


1. Aweber

Aweber is a very simple and easy to use platform that is also very affordable at around $19 a month. Many marketing pros use and love Aweber because of it’s autoresponder feature that allows you to either create email via HTML or just plain text and the arrangement and setup of creating a long term follow up campaign is quick and simple.

Seller leads for realtors

Aweber is great if you are just starting out and want something that is quick to setup and get going in a few days or even a few hours and they have some great power tools for those that want to build something more robust.


2.  GetResponse

GetResponse has a feature that is pretty slick when you working with autoresponder emails and follow up. Often times when you send out hundreds of emails to hundreds of leads, not all of those emails are going to get opened… Naturally people are busy and they have other emails to attend to our life just got in the way. It happens, but with GetResponse you can set up a series of emails to go out over a period of time, and let’s say that a seller lead that you captured only opened up the first email right after they signed up for your home valuation, and you sent out another email two days later that they did not open. GetResponse has a power feature to solve this problem, they will resend out the same email later on in the day or the next day with a different subject line. This way the same email get’s two chances at getting their attention and getting opened and read. It’s a great tool to use.



3. InfusionSoft

Probably one of the best automated systems out there to date, however it may be a little over kill for just email. It’s learning curve is very high and some technical skill is required to use it properly and create the automation flow that you want. That said, it can do many different things to help you automate and grow your marketing reach with your Real Estate leads. The cost is also larger than the other two email services I mentioned and it’s something that you should look at if you have a larger funnel and great resources to work with.

listing leads


3. Autopilot

New to the game, but a really great tool to look at and not just for it’s email power, but also for it’s lead or customer journey creation for online and offline. This platform allows you to create a follow up marketing plan that includes email, SMS text messages and then postcards all creating in one place with an easy to use dashboard that let’s you create triggers and actions for each type of lead that you may have captured.

This differently takes the cake win you need to engage with leads from every angle and with a text message to a postcard drip, your marketing follow up will not go unnoticed.



Marketing automation is still very new and it’s not widely used in Real Estate marketing just yet either which gives agents a huge leg up to start using it and building out great marketing on autopilot.


Real Estate Lead Generation


Online Real Estate Seller leads can grow cold pretty fast and Real Estate agents that respond the quickest, win the lead. Did you know that firms who contact potential customers within an hour are 60 times as likely to qualify a lead than companies that wait 24 hours or longer?



Using any of the email systems above give you the leverage of automation to be the first one to respond and connect with a lead so that you have at the very least made an introduction to the person. The email drip systems that you set up are not the catch all or full solution to the online marketing for your Real Estate business, but rather just one of the many tools that should be in your marketing arsenal for the nurturing of your leads.

Best, practice is to create a customer or lead journey and tell a story over time via email to each lead that gets into your funnel. Most marketers go with the rule of reciprocity, that is to give something of value away for free with the thought that the person receiving the information later on will feel compelled to return the favor at some point and when you may ask them for their business later on, the reciprocity that you  have shown and given them over time will have come into play and they will feel compelled and more comfortable to work with you.

The reciprocity method works in all sorts of business application from Costco giving away free food samples to shoppers to get them to try it for free and sample the product to encourage them to buy, ( which works by the way…)  all the way to giving away a free ebook to a online marketer.

Stephen Covey the author of 7 highly effective habits, said it best when it comes to this school of thought. He said that you have to make an emotional deposit before you can make a withdraw. Meaning that you just can’t dive in and ask for the business right away from your lead, you have to make several emotional deposits before you create the relationship to that would position you as the expert and as someone that has given your knowledge to a prospect that helps the and gives them the proper insight they need to trust and value you as someone they want to do business with.

Otherwise, making a withdrawal ( asking for the business to soon, without making an emotional deposit ) would result in a bounced check so to speak… and the withdrawal will be denied.

Here is a sample outline of the emails you should be sending to your lead:

Email 1: Welcome Email

Email 2: Give Information of Value

Email 3: Give More Information of Value

Email 4: Ask a question about there needs

Email 5: Tell a short story, personal or business that relates to the theme of your service

Email 6: Ask how you can help them with their housing needs

Email 7: Give more information of value

I used 7 emails here as an example, because studies show that it takes on average 7 touches to a lead before they can turn into a customer. OMI the Online Marketing Institute found that it takes about 7 to 13 touches to a lead before they become acquainted with you and what your message is and what you are offering.

listing leads

People get busy and they are constantly being sold to from online stores, junk mail, to TV ads. There is a ton of noise that you as a Real Estate pro have cut through in order to make your impression count and create enough difference in what you offer to make it worth it for the home owner to pay attention to your business.

The good news is that many sales people give up after an average of 3 attempts to contact and most don’t give any more effort beyond that and then the lead is lost. For Real Estate Seller Leads we suggest that they emails you create should be longer than 7 days and that you should shoot for a 6 week campaign. It doesn’t have to be an email every day, because frankly that would be too much, however twice a month after a build up of two weeks of emails going out once every 3 days is effective.



Online Re-Targeting Your Seller Leads

With your Real Estate funnel you want to attract, convert and close during the process of the lead nurturing. Closing the leads is now where we want to focus and with that step of the funnel we want to keep in front of the lead and give them a feeling that you are a top marketing pro and if you are this good at marketing yourself then imagine how you market homes and how you would market and sell their home.

What is Re-Targeting?

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple a  code to anonymously ‘follow’ your website visitors all over the Web.

Here’s how it works: you place a small, unobtrusive piece of code on your website (this code is sometimes referred to as a pixel). The code, or pixel, is unnoticeable to your site visitors and won’t affect your site’s performance. Every time a new seller lead comes to your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Later, when your cookied visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve ads, ensuring that your ads are served to only to people who have previously visited your site.


Re-Targeting is very effective for online marketing and when it comes to Real Estate Lead Generation many home owners and buyer for that matter are looking at several other websites across the web, from your local competitors to big portal sites like Trulia and Zillow.  With all of that online competition, you need to find a way to stand out and keep in front of your leads that you worked hard to get to your site in the first place.


This part of the funnel is used to re-engage leads that you may have either lost, leads that didn’t convert when they came to your home value site or people that did give their information however you want to build a face/name recognition campaign to build awareness about your Real Estate business and surround them with your brand and service offering.

Here is an example of how this would look using a home valuation landing page as your Real Estate seller lead capture for the first stage of the campaign.

1. Drive Traffic To The Landing Page


Here is where you will capture the lead or not capture the lead. You can set up a few different types of variables here that you can use to target leads that just visited the page and didn’t complete the steps in every part of your landing page or you can set it up to target leads that did complete each step and you did get all their info…

listing leads










2. Your Seller Lead Leaves The Landing Page And Starts Seeing Your Ads Across The Web

Now the lead has left your landing page and they are now back online searching across the internet looking at cats or Facebook, etc…. Using Re-Targeting ads they will now start to see your ads following them around the web. Your message in these ads should be apart of your funnel, they should be used to accomplish the following, build awareness of you and your Real Estate business, engage them to take an action and bring them back into your funnel to convert them.

Here are the ads that run as a re-targeting campaign to leads that went to the home valuation landing page and these are the ads that they start to see across the web.










These ads are shown in other websites that they visit from news sites, to Facebook and other blogs, or shopping sites. Below is a outline of how the breakdown of the ad works and what we are trying to achieve with this type of re-targeting effort.

banner ad how to
















Both of these ads, accomplish the goals that we set out with a re-targeting campaign, they ask the lead to take an action and when they do click on the ad they will then be taken to a page that has a video that shows them how we sell homes.


3. Send The Leads To Another Landing Page or a Site About What You Offer.


Once the lead has clicked on the re-targeting ad they are then sent to this page that has a video about how we sell homes and the marketing that we do as a Real Estate company and how we help home owners. The video is very effective and create a large impact by telling a story about the company and what our solution is for sellers.

By creating this type of re-targeting campaign we have given relevant information that is of value to the home owner while the timing is right.  They went to the home value site, they left, they went about their daily life and then they start to fall into the funnel and engage with the Real Estate brand.

Once they then start to get emails, and other marketing pieces from us, they will already know the story and purpose of our company and what we offer. This helps us to break the ice and build trust and authority in our market quickly, so the follow up process isn’t a cold call or unwanted.

venture shot of video


















Re-Targeting Tools For Listing Leads for Realtors

There are some amazing tools out there for you to easily use to build your re-targeting campaign and get up and going quickly. Here are the top two re-targeting services that we have used and love.

Adroll allows you to target your visitors on any website you own and launch different campaigns for different visitors and sites, with ads being shown to those visitors on the web and Facebook.




Perfect audience does the same thing, expect the also re-target your visitors on Twitter, along with Facebook and the web. Each is slightly a little different with the features they provide, but depending on what your goals are one of them can help you create a great re-targeting campaign.





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