How to get more real estate leads in 2016

As we move into the selling season of Real Estate, where traditionally more homes are being listed on the market, we thought it would be a great time to refresh the minds of those that are thinking about how to get real estate leads  and more importantly those that want to list more homes and convert those Real Estate Seller Leads that you’ve been working hard to generate.

With that said, we have put together a list of our top blog posts and how to guides from 2015 for everyone to use as a way to recap on Home Seller Leads and how to capture and convert them.

How To Use Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

In this in depth blog post we cover how to create high converting seller landing pages and everything from creating the perfect CTA- ( Call-to-action ) button to the copyrighting of a quality headline. Whether it’s Motivated Seller Leads you are targeting or if you are just trying to increase your seller lead conversion this guide breaks down the right way to do it.


Real Estate Seller Leads




How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Facebook Ads

One of our favorite posts and apparently loved by agents as well, is our how to guide that covers exactly how to create a Facebook ad that will attract Listing leads for Realtors. Learn how to target home owners by home value, home ownership and leverage Facebook’s ad targeting to help you generate more seller leads for your Real Estate business.


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Real Estate Leads for Realtors & How To Get More Of Them


Watch and learn exactly how to target home owners that are likely to move and how to target the home owner by home type. This quick how to video guide shows you exactly how to accomplish a highly targeted Real Estate Lead Generation campaign online in just a few minutes.

Real Estate Leads



Real Estate Lead Generation & How To Create Amazing Real Estate Seller Lead Facebook Ads ( VIDEO )


We had over 1,000 people attend this webinar! It was our most talked about webinar that covered exactly how to create amazing Facebook ads that attract more seller leads. Learn how to build persuasive ads that use great ad copy ( swipe file included! ) After watching this you’ll know exactly how to become your own mini powerful Real Estate Lead Generation machine.


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