How To Generate More Real Estate Leads With Better Facebook Ads ( Free Ad Swipe File! )

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If you are using any kind of Real Estate Lead Generation Services that are being offered today, they most likely aren’t doing Facebook ads for you, however if they creating Real Estate Seller Leads Facebook ads for you they may not be as effective as they should.  Over the past two years we analyzed over 500 Facebook ads, read over 289 Ad and copyrighting posts and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on our own Facebook Ads, as well as have helped some of our top users tweak some of their Facebook ads to generate more Real Estate Leads.

After two years of this deep research and experience we have created what exactly makes an amazing Facebook ad and how to create one.

These Ads Help Generate Listing Leads for Realtors.

There are basically four types of Facebook home valuation ads.

  • Analytical (Market Statistics )
  • Emotional ( Lifestyle + Emotional Copy )
  • Hyper Local (Local Imagery + Neighborhood Shout out )
  • Social Proof ( Just Listed + Just Sold )


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Below are some examples of how these four types of Ads are used. Each with it’s own focus on the specific type of Ad that is used to target home owners and generate more Real Estate Listings Leads on Facebook. You’ll notice that each Ad has amazing photos that are used to catch the eye and stand out from the normal Facebook feed Ads that you see and that each Ad has strong copy-writing that helps to tap into the mind of the home owner and draw them into the feeling and purpose of the ad, getting them to take the next step and click.

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This analytical style ad is pretty data heavy. It gives local housing stats that in a way show as social proof to explain to the home owner that the market is selling and that they don’t want to miss out on it, if they are thinking of selling in the near future. It also visually pleasing with a colorful graph that shows that the market is hot.

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This emotional style ad focuses more on the memories that have been made and showing more empathy that is attached to the home they are thinking of selling. Using more of an emotional/empathetic approach is a great way to make sure your branding message stands out from the typical ” Call me when you want to sell!” approach. We know selling a home is very emotional, so why not tap right into that mindset and lead with that message of understanding.

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A hyper local Ad like the one above shows that you are an expert in this market area, and for the home owners that live in it, you are helping to inform them with valuable information about that market and what it is doing and how it’s performing.  This is a great way to keep people clicking, by showing them images that relevant to their neighborhood, making the ad more familiar and trustworthy.

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Social proof ads work wonders and they do so by showing the the market is moving and more importantly that you are helping it move. This shows the success of your marketing effects along with the informing home owners that homes near them are selling and how much they are selling for. The ad itself helps to tease home owners and makes them wonder how much is their home worth and what could it possibly sell for.

Secret Ad Formulas For Real Estate Seller Leads Facebook Ads


Emotional – Rational – Emotional – Social Proof

Multi-million dollar companies invest a TON of money in social media campaigns, but they don’t just whip up an ad and send it out on it’s way. They put in hundreds of hours in research, they spend time and money on exactly how consumers interact with ads and media online.  One of the most over looked items is using copy writing formulas. There are well over 100 copy writing style formulas that great Ad companies use to craft the message they are using to get someone to either click, buy or move forward towards their goal of the campaign, below is one that we have used and you can use to create a winning ad.


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Another great ad formula is


Attention-Interest- Desire- Action

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The AIDA formula works great for Facebook ads. Below is one ad that our co-Founder Toni Thom created. You can see it’s a very clever and eye catching ad that stands out and does exactly what the formula provides. Use this ad and use it to generate more seller leads. 


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Remember that when you are creating a Facebook ad follow the ad formulas we mentioned above and Be Loud. Be Engaging. Be Relevant. 



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Watch The Full Webinar Here To Learn More About How To Create Powerful Real Estate Seller Lead Facebook Ads




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Below are the ads that we mentioned. Feel free to copy, download and use these Free Real Estate Lead Generation Facebook Ads to help you attract and capture Free Real Estate Seller Leads.

Real Estate Seller Leads



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Best Real Estate Leads


Home Seller Leads]


Real Estate Seller Leads



Each of these ads helps to paint a picture using the combination of great Ad copy ( feel free to copy it! ) and amazing images which you can download here along with the free swipe file of ads. 

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