The Proven Way To Get Real Estate Seller Leads With Facebook Ad Targeting

Are You Getting The Results That You Want From Your Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Using Facebook?


In this video I cover exactly how to create a Facebook ad campaign that targets home owners, by home value, home type, square footage of the home and much more. If you are creating any type of campaign inside of Facebook to help you generate more Motivated Seller Leads, it’s key that you setup your ad targeting just right. Your ad targeting may either break your campaign or give you that extra mega boost to really crank up your conversions and help you to get more listings for the future.

Using Facebook to generate Home Seller Leads is nothing new, however using the right targeting for the exact matches of who you want as a future client can help your lead generation efforts tremendously. Targeting anyone and everyone is not a strategy, it’s just a waste of precious ad dollars and a lost opportunity to connect with a lead. Let’s say you want to list homes in a certain area of town and you also want to start to get clients in this area that have homes that are valued in the $500k and $900k range. I show you exactly how to target those home owners. But wait… Let’s say you also want to go after homes that are large in square-footage because you know that in this area of the market, these homes are owned by baby boomers that are looking to downsize soon. I show you how to target this specific group as well. Take a look, watch the video and enjoy!

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Real Estate Seller Leads


If you are doing online lead generation to attract Motivated Real Estate Sellers in order to get more listing appointment, then you may benefit from using our home valuation landing pages to attract seller leads.  We often see agents asking each other about How to Find Real Estate Leads and what are the tools that they should be using, the answer range across the board depending on what your goal is, however we have seen that they agents that use Facebook and leverage the targeting tools that Facebook has, that many agents have had tremendous success with using our home valuation landing pages with ads like the one seen below that link to a seller landing page;


Real Estate Seller Leads


A great Facebook seller lead ad married with a high converting landing page can help you to generate more Leads in Real Estate and help to create a new way of connecting with prospects that want to know the value of their home.  

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