Top 5 Conversion Killing Ways Agents Promote New Listings on Social Media


If you look across the board at every successful Agent, or team, the one thing they all have in common is Lead Generation. Not just lead generation but also their ability to generate listings. Without leads any Agent’s real estate business will run dry. We all know there are multiple ways to generate leads but when it comes to social media there are, at minimum, 5 terrible ways to produce leads from your listings and 1 very good way.


Let’s start with the most annoying pet in Real Estate. It rhymes with Shmillow.


single property websites


Leads get sent to your competition. 

Just LOOK at that lead capture. Who does it go to? Who really has this property listed? I bet it’s one of those Agents listed below the lead capture. If you’re interested in buying this property you should definitely click on one of them. Just kidding! Those are paid Agent slots and one of those Agents will more than likely get any lead interested in this property long before the real Listing Agent does because they appear to somehow be associated with the listing. What that means for you is THEY are getting YOUR buyer leads, not you. 

Distraction points everywhere. 19 menu links alone!

My goodness, my eyes are bouncing everywhere! I’m so distracted by all of the background noise, other properties, OOOo what does this button do?!, that I’m hardly able to stay focused on listing at all.

3rd party ads that take Buyers away from the buying experience

So there aren’t any shown in my limited screen shot here but any person browsing Shmillow will know that there are ads on almost every page. These can be just as distracting as any other outside link, property, name, button, etc.

Inaccurate information. Does the Zestimate match the list price? Probably not, adding difficulty to your job.

Ok, really. Shmillow’s estimate is never. on. point. Ever. The example I’m showing here is extreme but it’s the perfect example of this huge flaw because this property just so happened to be the first property I clicked on. I can’t make this stuff up! This is a massive discrepancy. If a Buyer is looking to Shmillow as a resource for accurate information, the first thing they’re going to ask is why the shestimate is so much lower (and it’s usually way lower) than the listing price. Not only do you, the Agent,  immediately have an uphill battle of justifying your  list pricebefore you’re given the opportunity to prove the worth, but it dilutes the trust of the Buyer interested in the property. No bueno.

Not branded to you or your company.

Again, who has this thing listed, anyway? The Agent must be proud of such a high dollar listing and I’d like to congratulate them. Too bad I have no idea who the listing Agent is by looking at this Shmillow page.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t use Shmillow links to market your listings or you won’t be the one getting the leads or representing the buyer.



Multiple Listing Service (MLS) links. Aka, 1992 was the best year ever.


Lead Generation Real Estate Agents

This is an MLS link that was posted to a local Real Estate Agent Forum here in my home town but I see them all of the time from Agents across the country. Wwwhhhhyyyy? Let’s break this down a little. 

Ugly. First and foremost.

No, no, no. MLS links have to be one of the least visually appealing ways a Buyer can see a property they may be interested in. The home buying experience is supposed to feel lovely, and beautiful, and fun, and sexy. This is not it. This is grandma’s underwear. Useful, but not giving you the *feels* about the property.

Too much text and data that overwhelm Buyers.

Holy moly, I want to buy a house – not read a novel! Where is the foreplay, here? Buyers need to be turned on by a house before they start asking about the house’s history. This is the equivalent to an ice bucket before you get to 2nd base. An overload uninteresting data right off the bat can kill a Buyer’s interest. Remember, this is supposed to be fun for them! Think pizzazz!

No lead capture.

“Where, oh where, have all of the buyer leads gone? Oh where, oh where can they be?” No lead capture! When you’re posting a property online as part of your marketing campaign it would be helpful to know who is genuinely interested or, at the very least, get their number so you can reach them if they aren’t comfortably picking up the phone and cold calling you.

Poor quality photos.

My biggest pet peeve with MLS is the low quality photos. Dazzle me! Excited me! Show me giant photos that make me say “Oooooohhhhhh!” Details matter in a home and photos stuck in MLS land suck in the quality department, plain and simple.

No branding opportunity.

Again, just like with Shmillow, branding yourself and your listings is important! It builds trust and shows you can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Yeah, yeah, there’s a photo in the upper left corner that I’ve blurred out, but that’s not BRANDING. Brand identity is key to your success. Don’t believe me? Ask Coca Cola.

Overall, not the best way to represent your Seller. Bad visual marketing devalues the property.

Seller: “So, how have you marketed my property?” Agent: “I posted a link from 1992 on Facebook.”

MORAL OF THE STORY: Your Seller deserves better and so does your brand’s sex appeal. 



Status update? Photos! Just photos. Maybe a short description. 


single property websites


“But, but, the photos!” Yeah, you got me. There photos are a decent size. However,

3-1,000,000 photos posted as a status update won’t reach potential buyers.

The photos are great, I’ll admit. It’s nice to be able to see the grain in the wood floors. However, I’m just a friend of yours on Facebook, I’m not actually interested in buying this house. “But that’s just you!” No, it’s not just me. It’s the majority of your friends and fans on Facebook. They like to see what you’re up to but they aren’t really your target audience. The way to reach Buyers is through targeted Facebook Advertising and you can’t advertise a set of photos on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t allow it therefore your beautiful photos are not reaching potential buyers, they’re just being shown to your cousin whom you haven’t seen since that awkward family reunion 8 years ago.

No way to generate real estate leads. 

Do I have to say it again? No lead capture.

Not shareable.

Suppose your Auntie June knows someone who may be interested in this house, but that person doesn’t have Facebook. How will Auntie June share a group of photos with someone to share the information? This possibility is just another potentially lost lead. Unless of course Auntie June sends you a note asking for a way to send her friend the information but all you have is an MLS link. *eyeroll*.

Keeping Buyers inside Facebook, allowing them to be distracted by the kitten video directly above your post, is a terrible idea. 

Meow, baby, meeooww. Having a post roll through my Facebook feed will catch my attention for approximately 2.154687982 seconds because right above this house I’m probably not going to buy is that hilarious video of the kitten playing the piano. “I’ve never seen a kitten play a piano! I wanna see! Ooooohhhh look at that kitten. So cuuuute! Oh look! Another suggested kitten video…”

MORAL OF THE STORY: Facebook is distracting. Don’t simply *post* your listing photos, they will get lost in the shuffle. And kittens. 



Regurgitated MLS data on your Real Estate Site, posted as a link.



Photos pulled from MLS. 

So your sales site is a lot fancier and modern looking compared to MLS but these photos kill me. So blurry! So awful! This is, by no means, a reflection of the woman/man behind the camera. When you post links that aggregate data from other sites (MLS) even more pixel quality is lost cuz… image compression science + the internet.  No one feels ushy-gushy about this photo. Boooring.

Lots of menu and other links.

Distractions everywhere! There are so many call to actions the real estate lead generation potential is gong to plummet. If these links were shiny objects I’d reach for them. “Oh wait… this company is in Santa Fe, too? Ooooh, I wonder what houses look like in Santa Fe!”  There I went. Reaching for the shiny objects all over this page, completely forgetting I’m here for this blurry photo provided by MLS.

Social Sharing links are proven conversion killers.

More distractions from the goal: getting the house sold. Not only does it take the Buyer away from this page but then they end up on Facebook with all of the kitten videos. The science can be read HERE. I highly recommend reading it.



Redundant MLS data that’s overwhelming to Buyers.

Again, there’s time for Buyers to be interested in this information but the first impression is not it. This data can be overwhelming and cause Buyers to second guess their interest in the property. Allowing them to grow a genuine attraction to a property, before opening the closet of data, is always the better route.

MORAL OF THE STORY: One page, one purpose, one goal. Too many distractions on a site full of links is a conversion killer. 



Bad single property websites. Aka, 1997 was the second best year ever. 


Single property websites are by and large the BEST way to market your listing online. However, use of Single Property websites can go terribly wrong when they are not aesthetically pleasing, old, outdated, and busy..




Nope. Just no. 

Items 1 – 4 of this blog post already summarize this issue well. Putting all of the unnecessary data and small photos on a page of it’s own isn’t going to change this! Sure, sure, the leads go directly to you. Yes, yes, there’s a lead capture. Somewhere. Maybe? No, I don’t see any kitten videos. But it still doesn’t look like a Maserati for your listing, let’s be honest. It’s already a bad representation of your listing and does not do it justice or your Seller the service they deserve. 

Doesn’t build desire.

First impressions for a Buyer are what will get them through the door of your listing. If desire is not built by what they see online, Buyer’s will skip this house altogether. Don’t be skipped. Skipped houses don’t get sold. Sold houses don’t make you a commission. Cha-chiiing!

No sex appeal.

Seller: “So, how have you marketed my property?” Agent: “I posted a link from 1997, right after I posted a link from 1992. But don’t worry, I posted it on Facebook.”

Your Single Property Website is a reflection of you and your brand.  To drive home the point of how important your online brand presence is, lets imagine your Single Property website is a shirt. Not just any shirt, but the only shirt you are allowed to wear for the next 6 months. Is your shirt flattering, professional, and appropriate for all occasions? Do you feel like a irresistible rock star in this shirt? Where are your groupies?? YES! Or… is your shirt dirty, outdated, old fashioned, not flattering, and overall pretty embarrassing? Make sure every aspect of your online presence accurately reflects you and the brand you are working hard to create. Rock start brand not your thing? That’s ok. Just make sure it’s awesome, whatever you do. Your Sellers will love you for it, Buyers will be attracted to you (professionally speaking, of course), other Sellers will be attracted to you, and your business will thrive. Great marketing = good for business. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: Single property websites are the best option, but only when you use well built, beautifully designed, sites. 



 ENTER: A proven single property website that works AND turns on your Clients. 




“Oh, heeeyyyy Desperado Way. How you doin’? Now that, my friends, is a sexy first impression. Greeted by a large, gorgeous photo, small menu links that are only related to this property, and a subtle yet clear call-to-action that doesn’t distract from the beauty of the property. Ok, Parker, Colorado, you have my full attention.




Follows the property throughout the transaction.

“Coming Soon”, see that? This is perfect because you can start marketing this listing, and generating leads, before it even hits the market. That means you’ve just increased your potential to double end this beauty by 60%. This site also allows for “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” so that the Listing Agent never stops generating leads (unless they want to). How does this Single Property Website generate leads? Glad you asked…






Lead Capture, everyone! LEAD CAPTURE!  

A scroll this this beautiful site provides you with major real estate porn. Oops! I mean fantastically large photos, bedrooms, baths, square footage, lovely property description, and Agent info. You can even request a showing at the bottom, which is a very clear call to action that does not distract from the property. The only thing thoughtfully hidden from immediate view is the price. To see the price a lead must provide their information. Serious leads will. Looky-loos also will. The best part of both of those scenarios is the lead information gets sent to this Agent and only this Agent. Every lead capture on this site is for the benefit of the Listing Agent. Period. The pzazz of this site is more than enough incentive for a lead to provide their information.




Say it with me now, BRANDING. 

Hi, Jason Peck with Keller Williams Luxury Homes International! Ah-ha! With this beautiful site I know exactly who the Listing Agent is, who he works for, his bio, and easy to find contact information. This is great for any Real Estate Agent using Single Property Websites. He and his brand are forward facing, and, if I do say so myself, this site looks good on him. By using this Single Property Website, Jason is creating a brand of luxury and sophistication. Congrats on the beautiful listing, Jason! 


single property websites




Love at first photo. 

The clarity and size of the photos on this single property website are absolutely dreamy. It’s like a unicorn painted rainbows all over my computer screen with a magic wand and whispered softly in my ear “You know you want this.” Oh yes, unicorn, I want this house, and not just because you’re a unicorn telling me I do. These photos are amazing and invite me right in the front door. And that sunset! Ugh! Be still my heart! In case I have to remind anyone, photos like this are not available on any other strange MLS, Shmillow, sales site, or Facebook photos link. No way.


real estate single property websites


Buttons and Text are property specific. 

I’ve already said this a few paragraphs ago but for any Agent who is serious about selling a property, marketing it on a site with zero distractions is the only way. Every paragraph and button on this site stay on this single property website, are for this property, and go directly to the Real Estate Agent. “Request More Information” takes you right to the Agent bio and Schedule a Tour form. Wonderful!

Custom URL

Another great feature of using a Single Property Website in your Real Estate Business is the ability to use custom URL’s that can be marketed in any way and every way you can dream of. Send post cards to the neighborhood and drive traffic to the site, post an ad on Facebook, email it to your sphere of influence, put it on your sign. The sky is the limit with where you can use a custom URL. This is an action you wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, do with an MLS link or Shmillow page. Or, at least, I hope not! Single Property Websites really expand your ability to market the home online.


I happen to know this particular site has a built-in autoresponder that allows the Listing Agent to automatically send a response to any lead that inquires about this property. This gives Buyers an immediate touch point from the Agent, critical to making a sale, and makes the Agent look prompt and organized. Did you know, 80% of Buyers choose the first Agent they speak to online? It’s true. This Listing Agent will make that first touch because this page is his and only his. Plus, I don’t see any kitten videos to distract from this site’s purpose. Ba-boom!

Attractive to other Sellers

If someone who may be interested in selling their home comes across this site they’re going to want their home to look just as good. This site is a client magnet for this Listing Agent. Sellers will want to be represented by him and Buyers will want to live there. It’s a win win.

Let’s do some quick math. 

Beautiful listing websites increases a Listing Agent’s potential to double-end a transaction.  The current national average home price is $188k, which could mean the difference between taking home $5,600 or bring home a whopping $11,200. That’s a major difference! Investing in beautiful marketing has an amazing ROI.

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

Real Estate Lead Generation Systems are the proven model for success for any Real Estate agent that wants to increase their sales volume. The key word being Real Estate Lead Generation! You need to work in lead generation into every part of your marketing activities, online and offline in order to build that pipeline of leads that will eventually turn into closings. The best way to accomplish this goal is to start with lead capturing Single Property Websites for Realtor’s.

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