Launching Our Single Property Websites

We Had A Goal To Build The Most Amazing Single Property Websites


Single Property Websites

As we’ve grown as a company we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of Real Estate agents across the world and helping them with their Lead Generation needs by providing them tools to capture more seller leads. On this journey we have also seen what kind of Real Estate marketing has been offered to agents, to more specific the digital marketing that has been available to agents for their listings. The Single Property Website Templates that have been around, seem to have been around for ages, poor design, little thought of a buyer’s online journey and frankly just pretty ugly.  So after speaking with many of the agents that are customers of our service, we decided to reinvent and redesign the way Single Property Websites for Realtor’s and home owners has been marketed for the past decade. It was time for a makeover and we wanted to bring as much value to our users and to the people that own the homes that are selling them.


Our Goal For The New Single Property Websites



We had several goals for these new designs, however we really needed to narrow them down into just a few so we could have more focus and impact as we designed the new sites. So here were some of our goals broken down;

  • They needed to look amazing on mobile
  • They needed to be less data heavy and more focused on what buyers want to see, images, images more images and the basic home specs
  • They needed to lead generate for both Home Buyer Leads and seller leads
  • They needed to help the agent stand out with an amazing brand style and design
  • They needed to be easy to build so any agents without any design skills could create an award winning design
  • They needed to be able to have video capabilities
  • There needed to be several different styles to choose from


In order to get a better idea of what we needed to build, we also needed a better idea of what not to build. So we looked around at the current property site landscape. The typical property sites and Agency Logic Power Sites were OK and differently great companies to look at and they have some nice designs, however our focus also included the need for Real Estate Lead Generation Services that we could build into the property sites and we were surprised that alot of other property site companies weren’t building in any type of strong lead capture capabilities into their sites.

The whole method and strategy of listings is that they get more listings, so we knew that this was an important feature that we needed to build in our sites. We have had over 14 years of experience being brokers and agents ourselves we had a pretty good idea of what those sites needed and what we needed to add. So now it was time to start building, but first we needed to study lead generation a little more.


Why We Focused On Lead Generation And Conversion Optimization

We come from the Real Estate brokerage world, so we know very well that you need to always be generating leads and that listings often get you more listings. Sign calls, brand recognition, buyer leads, other sellers see how you market the home and want you to list their home. It’s an on-going process of lead generation and taking your listings online is the same thing, people see your social media posts about your listings, what sold and what just listed and then effect is actually pretty significant to agents that practice the process of really promoting and marketing their listings online.

As we started to design the layout of the sites we knew that we had to optimize the way the home is marketed and the typical trends that go with them. What we mean by that is the coming soon, just listed and just sold typical promotion items had been great tools to announce what had happened with the home on the market, but it’s never really been used to capture leads in an effective way.

The purpose of having lead generation for each life-stage of the home is to allow agents to increase their lead generation production by 100% of each phase, and if you used every phases coming soon, just listed and just sold you could increase your real estate lead generation by 300%!

Here is what we came up with;


single property sites


The call to action that we used for every site was simple, yet it’s been very effective. The words giving a slight instruction to “Click To View Price” once they do click that, they move on to the next style of the lead capture process where they are then asked to enter in their name, email and phone number to view the price.

Here is what that looks like on one of our other designs;

Single Property Websites for Realtor



Give Agents A Great Design That Makes Them and Every Listing Look Awesome


Every property has it’s own style, it’s own vibe and you might even say it has it’s own unique brand. The way a consumer looks at a home online may effect what they are willing to pay or even how they value the property. Is the home being shown well in a nice presentation that creates allure and awe or is it old, data heavy with small images that you have to pinch and zoom to really see.

Presentation is everything and we wanted these sites to be wrapped up in a little bow ready to make every seller say wow with pride about the marketing of their home online. Part of this goal was to give agents the ability to choose different address styles in the header image. Here are some of those styles;

Agency Logic Power Sites


luxury demo screen





As you can see the special icons and address styles help to build a wonderful branding experience for each home. Giving a little something special that draws in the attention of each person that visits the site. You are greeted with almost a nice welcome mat to the home, the address presented in a beautiful way and then the next large buttons inviting you to dive deeper into the site. Do you want to see the images, do you want to see the price? It’s hard to say no, because who wouldn’t want to explore the gorgeous design of the these property sites.

We have had an amazing time designing, creating and building our new property sites and we are very excited to release them to our users and agents across the world!

With Elevated REM you can effortlessly create alluring single property sites that have a commanding presence, represent the property and your client in the way they deserve, and help you to become the most sought after agent in your market.

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√ Assign Leads To Team Members or Lenders!

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At the core of Real Estate marketing are your listings. How they are marketed determines your success and how other future clients see you. Bad marketing may cause potential Sellers to disqualify you as the right agent for their home.

Somewhere along the line, Real Estate Marketing lost it’s mojo. Old, tired single property websites continue to look no better than a standard MLS data sheet and, let’s be honest, those aren’t doing the property justice and aren’t necessarily getting the phone to ring off the hook. Until now. If you want to sign up and use our new sites we offer a 14 day free trial, click here to get started. 

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