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How To Run A Real Estate Seller Lead Facebook Ad Campaign To Get Listings

You’re building your Real Estate Seller Leads database right? If you’re not, you need to start today. Because someone else is and they are determined to take over your market share of listings. Now this shouldn’t scare you or freak you out, because really there is enough Real Estate to go around for everyone. However, the market is heating up and it’s getting pretty competitive for agents out there. With so many different ways to generate listing to leads, some agents are left scratching there heads wondering what route they should take and what works and what doesn’t… What Does… Read more

A Resource Guide To Creating High Converting Real Estate Seller Lead Home Value Landing Pages

A Resource Guide To Creating High Converting Real Estate Seller Lead Home Value Landing Pages   Landing pages are web pages that are designed for one goal and one purpose that lead to business sales. That goal is conversions, and conversions are when a lead ( a web visitor ) takes the outlined steps that you want them to take and that you have laid out in your design of the landing page process. Conversion goals can include everything from downloading an ebook for sellers or home buyers to submitted their information to get a home valuation report on their… Read more

real estate lead generation

How to get real estate leads.     Hi I am Travis Thom, the owner of Leads2Listing. Before I started our real estate lead generation software company I was the owner and head broker of my own Real Estate brokerage. Using certain Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and methods that I had refined over time, I had become a finalist for Realtor Magazines Top 30 Under Top 30.    It was an exciting time in my career and it was a lot of hard work as well. I had used and spent my money on silly things like Trulia and other Lead Generation… Read more

How To Build A Re-targeting Campaign On Facebook To Capture Seller Leads

Once a prospect or many of the Home Seller Leads that have left your home valuation website or your main Real Estate website, it’s important to keep in front of them. You may not be able to do that in person, so the next best thing is on the web and on Facebook where millions of home owners visit everyday. Using a special snippet of Facebook code that you can drop into your site, you can magically re-target Real Estate Seller Leads or Home Buyers Leads with special ads that you can create that are promoting your Real Estate business. So let’s say… Read more

Best tools for capturing and connecting with Real Estate Seller Leads

 Here are some of the best tools for generating Real Estate Seller Leads and following up with them to get the job done right.    If you are in Real Estate, you already know that the number one way to dominate and kill it in the business is by getting listings. And the way to get listings is to generate and capture Prime Seller Leads Real Estate.  Let’s go over some of the best tools for the job and what they are.    Real Estate Agent Lead Generation 1. AdWerx          AdWerx helps Real Estate agents by displaying banner… Read more

10 Myths About Home Seller Leads For Realtors

 Many of us here in the Real Estate industry often hear conflicting advice and suggestions about Home Seller Leads For Realtors and usually it’s just someones advice after they gave up trying…  Or they only gave half the effort, after speaking with some of our top producing agents that use our Real Estate Seller Lead capturing sites, here is what they had to say about the top 10 myths about home seller leads for Realtors are;   Myth #1. Real Estate Seller Leads never list with you, they just want to know who much their home is worth. This one… Read more

Home Seller Leads follow up emails

30 Day Follow Up Emails To Home Seller Leads.     Here are some of the pre-written emails that are written to evoke a response, so that a conversation can be started with the prospective Real Estate Seller Leads.   Feel free to copy any of these and use them as your own! Here is a free 30 day follow email campaign for seller leads. Seller Leads for Realtors need a good email follow up campaign and you can find that here as a free gift from Leads2Listing to help you generate Seller Leads.    Day 1- First email to seller lead  ——————————————————————————————   Mrs…. Read more

I need Real Estate Leads

A Look Into Real Estate Seller Leads   Q: What is a Real Estate Seller Lead? A: A Real Estate Seller Lead or Home Seller Leads are prospective home sellers that may wish to sell their home in the near future. You may have heard agents say “I Need Real Estate Leads” or “where can I find some Free Real Estate Seller Leads?” This has been a popular topic in 2014 because of the low housing inventory across the nation and with a low housing inventory of listed homes for sale, the competition is getting pretty tough to find and list homes… Read more

Seller Leads

Forgot about Boomtown Real Estate Leads Seller Leads… Why pay over $250 a month for Seller Leads for Realtors, when you can generate just as many if not more Seller Leads than a Boomtown Real Estate Lead Generator system, just by using Leads2Listing Seller Lead Landing Pages for only $57 a month! The Boomtown Lead System is pretty expensive and no one needs another over priced product to throw money at….. You can generate a huge amount of Free Real Estate Seller Leads by signing up for a 30 day free trail with Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads! Just by using Facebook and a simple… Read more

Seller Landing Pages

Got Home Seller Leads? Look no further than for seller leads. We provide Real Estate agents with the Best Landing Pages for attracting Motivated Seller Leads. You can use Leads2Listing Home Seller Landing pages to attract all type of seller leads for Realtors; Very Motivated Sellers Highly Motivated Sellers Motivated Real Estate Sellers Free Motivated Seller Leads Distressed Home Seller Leads Condo Real Estate Seller Leads Foreclosure Home Seller Leads Take a look at a Landing Page Example of one of our sites built to attract Prime Seller Leads, click on the image below to visit our example of a motivated seller squeeze page.  Join… Read more