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Have you created a Facebook Lead Ad yet? If not, here is a great how to video that shows you exactly how to create a Facebook Lead Ad that also leverages a Elevated REM single property website to capture leads before you send them to the single property website.      In this video Travis Thom created the ad below for the Facebook Lead Ad:       Here is the website that the ad sent leads to. Click on the image to see the website!   

How To Create A Facebook Messenger AD To Generate Real Estate Leads Using A Single Property Website

Facebook Messenger now has over 60 Billion messages being sent per day. That’s a ton of potential Real Estate Leads that you could be having a conversation with and turning those leads into clients. But how exactly, do I do that? There are a few ways you can accomplish the goal of engaging with prospects, however many lack strategy and a real relevant interest in the subject matter of your choice, mainly speaking Real Estate. Recently Facebook has rolled out the new Facebook messenger Ad. You can now create an ad that sends people to a Facebook messenger, with pre-populated text… Read more

Single Property Websites

How To Get 300% More Real Estate Leads Using Single Property Websites   A Few Things To Know About Real Estate Lead Generation Websites Before You Start The purpose of Single Property Websites used to mostly focus on presenting the home in a simple way for agents to advertise the home and show home owners how they market the property. However they all looked pretty old and boring and for the most part none of the designs and styles have really evolved that much from the early 1990’s, until the past the 5 years or so. The internet has become the most used… Read more

The Proven Way To Get Real Estate Seller Leads With Facebook Ad Targeting

Are You Getting The Results That You Want From Your Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Using Facebook?   In this video I cover exactly how to create a Facebook ad campaign that targets home owners, by home value, home type, square footage of the home and much more. If you are creating any type of campaign inside of Facebook to help you generate more Motivated Seller Leads, it’s key that you setup your ad targeting just right. Your ad targeting may either break your campaign or give you that extra mega boost to really crank up your conversions and help… Read more

How To Use Eye Catching Images To Get More Seller Leads

  If you are using any type of Real Estate Lead Generation Services to help you generate more seller leads for your business then you may have used some type of stock images in the past for your landing pages or for your website. While standard stock images are easy to use and find, studies have shown that many people feel a sense of being disconnected or develop a lack of trust when visited a website that uses the typical boring stock photos.     So what should you be doing instead? Use real images or use stock photo companies that… Read more

How To Generate More Real Estate Leads With Better Facebook Ads ( Free Ad Swipe File! )

    If you are using any kind of Real Estate Lead Generation Services that are being offered today, they most likely aren’t doing Facebook ads for you, however if they creating Real Estate Seller Leads Facebook ads for you they may not be as effective as they should.  Over the past two years we analyzed over 500 Facebook ads, read over 289 Ad and copyrighting posts and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on our own Facebook Ads, as well as have helped some of our top users tweak some of their Facebook ads to generate more Real Estate… Read more

How to get more real estate leads in 2016

As we move into the selling season of Real Estate, where traditionally more homes are being listed on the market, we thought it would be a great time to refresh the minds of those that are thinking about how to get real estate leads  and more importantly those that want to list more homes and convert those Real Estate Seller Leads that you’ve been working hard to generate. With that said, we have put together a list of our top blog posts and how to guides from 2015 for everyone to use as a way to recap on Home Seller Leads and… Read more

3 Facebook Ninja Marketing Strategies That You Can Use To Generate More Seller Leads Today

  There are so many different ways to use Facebook to generate more Home Seller Leads for your business, so today we will cover a few of the ones that are some ninja marketing strategies that are often over look or unused and how to apply them to your Real Estate Lead Generation today.   1. Target Home Owners That Work At A Company That Is Being Shut Down or Re-locating It happens. Companies shut down, downsize or re-locate to a different city for economic reasons and many of the employees need to go with the company and decide to sell their… Read more

7 Resources For Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing For Real Estate Seller Leads

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate And Then Convert Them Into Sellers Using Online Marketing   Imagine that you could get access to a list of the top tools to use to help you with your Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and help you to focus on building your business.  We’ll today is that day. We will go over the top resources that you can use to implement a smarter online and offline marketing strategy to generate more leads and turn them into closed sales. As your business grows and the busier you get, you’ll need to scale and automate… Read more

5 Smart Ways To Use Facebook Ad Targeting To Target Real Estate Seller Leads

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate Using Facebook Ads   Almost as many people that use Facebook live in the entire country of China. Now that’s a huge number of active daily users that login every day and spend countless hours of time on the largest social network.  That is over 1.3 billion people, that billion with a capital B…  With so many active users, Facebook has become the preferred marketing arena for lead generation for marketing agencies and business world wide.      Recently Facebook advertising has become a great way to create Lead Generation Real Estate Agents and… Read more