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Our New Seller Leads Landing Page

Introducing Our Newest Seller Leads Landing Page!     Introducing Our Newest Seller Leads Landing Page for Motivated Seller Leads! We’ve recently launched our newest landing page to boost your Home Seller Leads. Let’s break down why this new landing page is a great landing page for generating Home Seller leads for Realtors. In order to really get the best leads there are a few key items that you really want off the bat; The Real Estate Seller Leads First Name The Seller Leads email address The Seller Leads property address Using these key items of data that you really… Read more

A Home Seller Leads Landing Page to Drool Over ( with Critiques )

A Home Seller Leads Landing Page to Drool Over ( with Critiques )   Every little change counts. Adding one simple word, or changing the color of a font on a page can drastically change or improve your Home Seller Lead generation.  This post is about showcasing an awesome Seller Lead landing page, to give you some inspiration when customizing your Leads2Listing site. It’s worth mentioning that no page is ever perfect- and also, every page can be much better.  Going forward with this school of thought, we’ll be breaking down and offering perspective on what makes this site and each… Read more