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How To Upload Property Addresses Into Facebook To Target Those Exact Home Owners

Do you have a large number of property addresses that you have captured over time using a home valuation landing page? Here is a great way to re-engage those leads and spark up a conversion with them.  This quick video guide shows you exactly how to upload a list of property address into Facebook and how to create a campaign that targets those home owners!     Want To Use The Landing Page and Ebook That You Saw In This Video?  Click Here To Get Your Limited Edition Copy Of The Seller’s Guide Landing Page-   Checkout The Seller’s Guide… Read more

Win More Listings By Lead Nurturing Home Seller Leads

Lead nurturing essentially in it’s pure form is about building trust with potential customers that are not ready to buy the moment they make contact with your business. This is definitely true for the Real Estate industry with buyers and sellers.  Hubspot found that 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. (Source: Gleanster Research). Knowing this, every lead you capture should be nurtured for the long term with the goal of building trust over time.   A home owners largest asset is their home and they are going to hire a professional that they trust with their… Read more

How to get listings with Facebook

How to Get Listings for Real Estate Using Facebook   Wondering How to Get listings in Real Estate? In the past 24 months the game of Real Estate Lead Generation online has changed. Not in a bad way, however there are some amazing opportunities that you may be missing out on if you are not paying attention to the latest updates to Facebook specifically.  You may have been wondering what or How to Get Real Estate Listings Strategies to work for you by using social media and more strategically how to I get Listing Leads for Realtors. The list of what you should do… Read more

How To Use SMS Text Messages for Real Estate Lead Generation

Did you get your home valuation I sent over? If you are using the many different Real Estate Lead Generation Websites out there, you may have been over looking a very important and simple tool that is helping agents to increase conversions and close deals.  What is it? SMS text messaging. It’s nothing new to the scene, however it’s powerful when used in Real Estate Lead Generation Systems like home valuation landing pages.   Real Estate Leads for Realtors and SMS Text messages are becoming very effective for Real Estate agents in their Home Seller Leads follow up process.  How does it… Read more

real estate listing leads

How to Get Real Estate Leads     You may have gone online and looked for certain items like “Seller Leads for Realtors“ or “Listing Leads for Realtors” and then find certain sites that promise you leads or show you How to Generate Leads in Real Estate for a price… Frankly the process of creating Real Estate Listing Lead Generation is pretty simple, you just have to know how get it all set up and running and that knowledge of how can be the tricky part and time consuming if you go it alone. So here is a simple break down of all… Read more

Real Estate Seller Lead pre-written emails

Did You Buy Real Estate Seller Leads Recently and Need To Engage and Convert Them Into Listings? Here are some  pre-written emails for Home Seller Leads that are written to evoke a response, so that a conversation can be started with the prospective seller. We know that getting Motivated Seller Leads and capturing the email addresses of seller leads for realtors can sometimes be the easy part Real Estate Lead Generation Systems. The hard part is getting Real Estate Seller Leads to respond and engage, that’s why we are giving away a Seller Leads email campaign for free.   Day 1- First email to seller lead  ——————————————————————————————  … Read more

Why buy real estate seller leads?

Do You Need More Seller Leads?   Are you in Real Estate and trying to build a system that can get you more listing leads for realtors? You may have been in Real Estate for years and never thought twice about using a system or service to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads or maybe you have and gotten burned in the past… The truth is that buying Real Estate Seller Leads is probably not the best method to get more listings and the term “buying” is a little misleading and can be thrown around to mean different things to different people. To me, it’s… Read more

A Few Of The Best Real Estate Seller Leads Ads On Facebook

Whether you are just starting out capturing Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook or you are a good ole’ pro at generating Seller Leads using Facebook ads, we have gone over a few of the best Facebook ads that have helped to generate seller leads for agents and we review why they are kicking ass.  Every part of a Home Seller Lead ad has a certain formula that is being used that makes it successful. Let’s explore what those certain elements are and why you need them in your Facebook ads.  Headline-  Your headline is the first part of text in… Read more