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Facebook Location Targeting For Real Estate Seller Leads

  Facebook recently released their newest addition to location targeting for their ads and with this new addition you can now target prospective Home Seller Leads or just new clients by targeting specific addresses and people that have either recently visited that area or have passed through that area recently.    New Ways To Target Real Estate Seller Leads by Geography    Target By Address When selecting the geographic location of your audience, you’ll notice a little update…    People Who Live In This Location Let’s say you don’t want to reach anyone who is just visiting the area. You only want people who… Read more

real estate listing leads

How to Get Real Estate Leads     You may have gone online and looked for certain items like “Seller Leads for Realtors“ or “Listing Leads for Realtors” and then find certain sites that promise you leads or show you How to Generate Leads in Real Estate for a price… Frankly the process of creating Real Estate Listing Lead Generation is pretty simple, you just have to know how get it all set up and running and that knowledge of how can be the tricky part and time consuming if you go it alone. So here is a simple break down of all… Read more

Real Estate Seller Lead pre-written emails

Did You Buy Real Estate Seller Leads Recently and Need To Engage and Convert Them Into Listings? Here are some  pre-written emails for Home Seller Leads that are written to evoke a response, so that a conversation can be started with the prospective seller. We know that getting Motivated Seller Leads and capturing the email addresses of seller leads for realtors can sometimes be the easy part Real Estate Lead Generation Systems. The hard part is getting Real Estate Seller Leads to respond and engage, that’s why we are giving away a Seller Leads email campaign for free.   Day 1- First email to seller lead  ——————————————————————————————  … Read more

Why buy real estate seller leads?

Do You Need More Seller Leads?   Are you in Real Estate and trying to build a system that can get you more listing leads for realtors? You may have been in Real Estate for years and never thought twice about using a system or service to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads or maybe you have and gotten burned in the past… The truth is that buying Real Estate Seller Leads is probably not the best method to get more listings and the term “buying” is a little misleading and can be thrown around to mean different things to different people. To me, it’s… Read more

A Few Of The Best Real Estate Seller Leads Ads On Facebook

Whether you are just starting out capturing Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook or you are a good ole’ pro at generating Seller Leads using Facebook ads, we have gone over a few of the best Facebook ads that have helped to generate seller leads for agents and we review why they are kicking ass.  Every part of a Home Seller Lead ad has a certain formula that is being used that makes it successful. Let’s explore what those certain elements are and why you need them in your Facebook ads.  Headline-  Your headline is the first part of text in… Read more

real estate lead generation

How to get real estate leads.     Hi I am Travis Thom, the owner of Leads2Listing. Before I started our real estate lead generation software company I was the owner and head broker of my own Real Estate brokerage. Using certain Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and methods that I had refined over time, I had become a finalist for Realtor Magazines Top 30 Under Top 30.    It was an exciting time in my career and it was a lot of hard work as well. I had used and spent my money on silly things like Trulia and other Lead Generation… Read more

Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages That Pull In The Leads

Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages     Leads2Listing helps you to easily attract Home Seller Leads by giving them information they want: the current value of their home by using Real Estate Squeeze Pages. Say goodbye to the frustration of door knocking, and expired listings; say hello to high converting Real Estate Lead Generation Websites that  bring in hundreds of seller leads every month! That actually come to you to learn the value of their home before they list it on the market. Our Real Estate Lead Generation Systems help Real Estate agents capture Real Estate Seller Leads by using Real Estate Lead Capture… Read more

Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Real Estate Landing Pages   The best Real Estate Squeeze Pages have three major items of focus.  They have laser like focus about extracting contact information. They have very little distractions, like other links, too much text or more than one call-to-action. They offer something that the visitor wants.    The usual Real Estate Landing Page Templates out there on the web are pretty tired looking and lack quality design and purpose, they pretty much suck… and they don’t focus on the top 3 mentioned above.  As a company that makes Real Estate Lead Generation Websites we understand what works and what doesn’t…. Read more

This agent got what she deserved! Lead Generation Real Estate Agents

“This Agent Got Exactly What She Deserved! And It Can Happen To You Too…Next!“ What You Find Out May Surprise You. Lead Generation Real Estate Agents Are Killing it! If you are a Real Estate agent that has the determination and drive for success like Laura an agent from Texas, then this story is for you. Laura got what she deserved after generating seller leads using her home valuation site from Leads2Listing. After trying out several Real Estate Lead Generation Systems, she found that she was killing it by generating Home Seller Leads!   She got a new listing recently after receiving several seller leads that… Read more

Our New Seller Leads Landing Page

Introducing Our Newest Seller Leads Landing Page!     Introducing Our Newest Seller Leads Landing Page for Motivated Seller Leads! We’ve recently launched our newest landing page to boost your Home Seller Leads. Let’s break down why this new landing page is a great landing page for generating Home Seller leads for Realtors. In order to really get the best leads there are a few key items that you really want off the bat; The Real Estate Seller Leads First Name The Seller Leads email address The Seller Leads property address Using these key items of data that you really… Read more