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How To Build A Re-targeting Campaign On Facebook To Capture Seller Leads

Once a prospect or many of the Home Seller Leads that have left your home valuation website or your main Real Estate website, it’s important to keep in front of them. You may not be able to do that in person, so the next best thing is on the web and on Facebook where millions of home owners visit everyday. Using a special snippet of Facebook code that you can drop into your site, you can magically re-target Real Estate Seller Leads or Home Buyers Leads with special ads that you can create that are promoting your Real Estate business. So let’s say… Read more

Facebook Ad Inspiration

For many of our users Facebook has been a highly effective marketing tool when it comes to gaining exposure for their Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages. Because the way an ad looks relative to its success we have compiled several ad variations that have a proven track record. Here are 3 examples of Facebook Ads  we love to use as inspiration: Why it works: The agent using this ad lives in a Southwest city where adobe construction and ornate doors are prevalent. Using an image that is easily identifiable as her market area gives potential Sellers peace of mind that they are working with… Read more

Site Inspiration For Real Estate Seller Leads And Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Every day we see hundreds of Real Estate seller lead sites and often get asked what are the best practices, headlines, and photo types to use in order to increase conversion rates for Seller Leads and Lead Generation Real Estate Agents.  Here are 4 Real Estate Landing Page Examples of stunning Home Seller Leads Sites we love to use as inspiration: What we love: Trulia Real Estate Leads has nothing on this amazing Real Estate Landing Page. It captures all the amazing Real Estate Seller Lead information right off the bat on the first page.  The clean style, the Baby Boomer, higher end… Read more

Best tools for capturing and connecting with Real Estate Seller Leads

 Here are some of the best tools for generating Real Estate Seller Leads and following up with them to get the job done right.    If you are in Real Estate, you already know that the number one way to dominate and kill it in the business is by getting listings. And the way to get listings is to generate and capture Prime Seller Leads Real Estate.  Let’s go over some of the best tools for the job and what they are.    Real Estate Agent Lead Generation 1. AdWerx          AdWerx helps Real Estate agents by displaying banner… Read more

A Home Seller Leads Landing Page to Drool Over ( with Critiques )

A Home Seller Leads Landing Page to Drool Over ( with Critiques )   Every little change counts. Adding one simple word, or changing the color of a font on a page can drastically change or improve your Home Seller Lead generation.  This post is about showcasing an awesome Seller Lead landing page, to give you some inspiration when customizing your Leads2Listing site. It’s worth mentioning that no page is ever perfect- and also, every page can be much better.  Going forward with this school of thought, we’ll be breaking down and offering perspective on what makes this site and each… Read more

How to stand out and attract home seller leads for Realtors

Dig Deep To Get Home Seller Leads Here’s a little something to get your attention.                       I’ll explain what he’s doing there in a minute… …but first, here’s a question every Real Estate Seller Lead asks – usually subconsciously – but which absurdly few agents bother to deal with in their marketing. “Why should I choose you?” I was prompted to discuss it by something one of our members said. Susan works for a national brokerage and was interested in how you can pick up expired and for sale by owner listings, specifically Real Estate Seller Leads. I normally don’t do… Read more

10 Myths About Home Seller Leads For Realtors

 Many of us here in the Real Estate industry often hear conflicting advice and suggestions about Home Seller Leads For Realtors and usually it’s just someones advice after they gave up trying…  Or they only gave half the effort, after speaking with some of our top producing agents that use our Real Estate Seller Lead capturing sites, here is what they had to say about the top 10 myths about home seller leads for Realtors are;   Myth #1. Real Estate Seller Leads never list with you, they just want to know who much their home is worth. This one… Read more

Home Seller Leads follow up emails

30 Day Follow Up Emails To Home Seller Leads.     Here are some of the pre-written emails that are written to evoke a response, so that a conversation can be started with the prospective Real Estate Seller Leads.   Feel free to copy any of these and use them as your own! Here is a free 30 day follow email campaign for seller leads. Seller Leads for Realtors need a good email follow up campaign and you can find that here as a free gift from Leads2Listing to help you generate Seller Leads.    Day 1- First email to seller lead  ——————————————————————————————   Mrs…. Read more

I need Real Estate Leads

A Look Into Real Estate Seller Leads   Q: What is a Real Estate Seller Lead? A: A Real Estate Seller Lead or Home Seller Leads are prospective home sellers that may wish to sell their home in the near future. You may have heard agents say “I Need Real Estate Leads” or “where can I find some Free Real Estate Seller Leads?” This has been a popular topic in 2014 because of the low housing inventory across the nation and with a low housing inventory of listed homes for sale, the competition is getting pretty tough to find and list homes… Read more

What Real Estate Agents Have To Say About Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads

Leads2Listing is a Real Estate Software that helps agents attract and capture Home Seller Leads. Recently we spoke to some of the Real Estate agents that are using Leads2Listing to capture Real Estate Leads for Realtors and Real Estate Seller Leads.     Joel’s  experience attracting Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads has exploded over the past 3 months from using Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads landing page.  Joel has expressed to us that it’s the Best Leads for Realtors by far! Thanks Joel!     Brett has used our Seller Lead capturing sites to establish himself into a new market and help build relationships… Read more