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How to Get Real Estate Leads     You may have gone online and looked for certain items like “Seller Leads for Realtors“ or “Listing Leads for Realtors” and then find certain sites that promise you leads or show you How to Generate Leads in Real Estate for a price… Frankly the process of creating Real Estate Listing Lead Generation is pretty simple, you just have to know how get it all set up and running and that knowledge of how can be the tricky part and time consuming if you go it alone. So here is a simple break down of all… Read more

How To Build A Re-targeting Campaign On Facebook To Capture Seller Leads

Once a prospect or many of the Home Seller Leads that have left your home valuation website or your main Real Estate website, it’s important to keep in front of them. You may not be able to do that in person, so the next best thing is on the web and on Facebook where millions of home owners visit everyday. Using a special snippet of Facebook code that you can drop into your site, you can magically re-target Real Estate Seller Leads or Home Buyers Leads with special ads that you can create that are promoting your Real Estate business. So let’s say… Read more