Changing Your Username

Congratulations on your new site! We understand you would like to change your username. Unfortunately, we cannot change the username associated with your account, and this includes the way that it appears in your Leads2Listing URL. In order to hide the username you wish to change we suggest using a custom domain to mask the current URL. In other words, chose a domain you WANT to see, like, and cover the domain you DON’T want to see, 

Here are some steps to help you accomplish this:

  1. If you haven’t already, register for the domain of your choice. You can find hosting sites HERE
  2. In the dashboard of your domain provider forward AND mask your domain to the unique URL you were provided by Leads2Listing (i.e. 
  3. Next, edit your DNS settings to point to our IP address. Our server IP address is:   Your domain provider can do this for you. 
  4. Pointing your DNS settings to our IP address can take 24 – 48 hours. 
  5. Once you have confirmed the DNS settings are complete (24 – 48 hours later) please email us at, subject line “DNS settings completed” and we will finalize the process in our dashboard and server. We will email you back, within 1 business day, once the process is complete. 


We hope this solutions helps! Thank you, and Happy Listing!