Create A Facebook Ad

Quick And Easy Facebook Ad Creation

  1. Step 1

    Log in to Facebook and begin creating a Facebook Ad Campaign by clicking the down arrow on the upper right corner of the blue Facebook menu bar and scrolling down to “Create Ads”.

  2. Step 2

    Choose the option “Send People To Your Website” and enter your Leads2Listing website URL. This will automatically direct people who click on your ad directly to your website where they can proceed to fill out the lead generating information.

  1. Locations

    Target your specific market area by either city name or selected zip codes you are most interested in.

  2. Age Range

    When you are paying per click you want to make sure the right people are seeing your ads. 18 year olds are great, but they probably aren’t home owners yet. Stick to average age of home owners in your area. 30-65 is generally safe.

  3. More Demographics

    Scroll down to “Home” in the “More Demographics” tab. Here is where you can be sure you are targeting home Owners. You can add more demographic fields by selecting “Home” over and over and browsing all of the types of demographics available, such as Single Family residences with a value of $300,000 – $499,000. The sky is the limit.

  1. Your Budget, Your Choice.

    How much you’d like to spend on your Facebook ad is entirely up to you. $5.00 a day is the Facebook recommendation but certainly not required. Do what is right for you and your business. You can always change this later.

  2. Optimize For

    Because marketing dollars are precious, we recommend “Links To Website / Pay Per Link Click”. This ensure that you are only  paying for the people who visit your site and not just the people who see your ad.

  3. Estimated Daily Reach

    Keep an eye on your daily reach meter. You don’t want this to be so low that you overwhelm a small group of people with the same ad, but you also don’t want this to be so large that only a few people see your ad based on your set budget.

  1. Ad Image

    Best practice is to use an image that is local to your market area and that matches your website background. That way, when visitors click on your ad the look and feel is familiar once when are on your site so they know they are in the right spot.

  2. Headline & Text

    Headline: Keeping it local is always good. For example, “Santa Fe Home Values”. Text: Asking a question to provoke interest often has high conversion rates than statements. For example, “Do you know what your Santa Fe home is worth?”. You have limited space, so be creative.

  3. Ad Preview

    Our recommendation is to Remove “Desktop Right Column” and “Audience Network”.  80% of Facebook users are looking on a mobile device so “Desktop News Feed” and “Mobile News Feed” are your top priority.




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