Facebook Campaigns

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to create an ad quickly and easily. Remember – you are in control of your budget! You can spend as much or as little as you’d like so don’t worry about the cost. Spend what you are comfortable with. 

Log in to Facebook and begin creating a Facebook Ad Campaign by clicking the Create an Ad button.

NOTE: You must have a Facebook Page created for your business prior to creating a campaign. If you don’t have one, start Here and then come right back to us when you’re finished. 

Choose the option “Clicks to Website” and enter your Leads2Listing website URL. This will automatically direct people who click on your ad directly to your website where they can proceed to fill out the lead generating information. 


Follow the steps in each section to complete the format of your ad including Images, Text and Links, Audience, and Campaign (budget). Try using text and headlines that sound more like a conversation, rather than a sales pitch, in order to gain visitors trust and increase clicks. 


Our Personal Preferences:
  1. The best headlines ask questions. For example: What Is Your Home Worth? …or… Do You Know Your Home’s Current Value? It makes an emotional connection with a Seller, creating curiosity and interest.
  2. Use an image that is local to your market area in order to increase familiarity and trust in your audience.
  3. Try using text that sounds more like a conversation, rather than a sales pitch. We’ve found it drastically increases clicks as it immediately begins to build trust with the viewer. 
  4. Using the “Learn More” call to action has been proven to receive the most clicks. 
  5. Since most people use their mobile devices to view Facebook, disable or remove the Right Column version of your ad to save money. The Desktop News Feed option is still a good option because it is bigger and will grab more attention. 
Narrowing Your Targeting Audience:
Since you are specifically targeting Home Owners we recommend targeting people over the age of 30 in the zip codes you would like to farm. This is a really good place to start and get used to the amount of traffic you receive. Increase your target area as you are comfortable. Facebook also recently launched extensive demographics to chose from including Home Value, Life Events (recently married, new child, etc), and Behaviors (such as “Likely To Move”). Read more about it HERE. 
Deciding On A Budget:
The sky is the limit but it’s all about your comfort zone. One case study, in a medium sized market with a population of less than 1,000,000 people, raked in over 20 leads in less than 36 hours on a $5.00 per day budget by targeting only 3 zip codes. The number of interested Sellers was astonishing and allowed that Agent to send out a number of Follow-Up letters, which resulted in several listing appointments. For those 20+ leads that Agent only spent approximately $7.50. Imagine the number of leads that Agent received after 30 days? One single sale as a result of this ad more than paid for the $150 spent for the campaign. If you’d like to keep your campaign costs less than $100 per month you can easily set your daily budget to $3.33. 
Good luck and Happy Listing!