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We've made getting started with us very easy.


    With 3 convenient options to chose from we guarantee you will find a pricing plan to suit your needs.
    Low monthly payments gives you access to the tools you need to succeed without breaking the bank because we know, as agents ourselves, every marketing dollar counts.


    Becoming an Elevated Real Estate Marketing user only takes moments. As soon as you start your 14 day free trial your site is up and running before you can even log-in! Our auto-creation processes takes less than 1 minute and you are automatically sent an email with your password and log-in information.


    Our professionally designed sites are waiting for you! Change the background image, font, colors, call to actions, contact information and more! Add your logo and some personality! The sky is the limit! With multiple themes to choose from, design skills are not required.

Next, Choose A Single Property Site Theme or A Home Valuation Site Theme


In about the same amount of time it takes you to pull up to a listing, open the lock box, and enter the home, you can have a fully customized website.

  • choose your theme
  • upload your background image or property images
  • upload your personal photo
  • switch up your headlines text
  • publish your site
  • Promote your sites across the internet.

  • Capture the Real Estate leads.

  • Get notified via email and text/SMS.

  • Follow up and win the clients.

Then, follow up and win the business

  1. Receive a text/SMS

    Get instantly notified, wherever you are, when a Real Estate lead enters their information on either your home valuation site or single property site.

  2. Full detail emails

    An email with all of the contact information and property details provided by a seller lead or a buyer lead will be immediately sent.

  3. Dashboard – Leads tab

    In addition to text/SMS and email notifications, every single lead will always be available to you in your dashboard.

  1. Contact made easy

    You’ll never miss the opportunity to make contact with a future client with all of the ways we provide you with their information. We want you to be fully informed at all times.

  2. Built-in Email Autoresponder

    With our in-dashboard email autoresponder, instantly make contact with a lead and set them up on a drip campaign.

  3. Send a text or call

    Make mobile contact with a Seller and let them know you are working on their report! They’ll appreciate your promptness.

  1. Create a custom report

    No automatic reports here. You are the expert and creating a custom market value report for a potential seller is the best way to provide accurate information and shine as the Agent they should hire. It also provides you with an opportunity and a reason to make personal contact with a Seller.

  2. Set a listing appointment

    What better way to present a Seller with the value of their home than by setting a listing appointment to better familiarize the Seller with you and the way you do business?

  3. Win the listing

    We know Elevated REM Agents are the BEST agents. Win the listing an start increasing your income today!

Ready to boost your Real Estate leads conversions?

Elevated REM has made it easy to start getting real estate leads online. We’re trusted by the best real estate brokers around the world and we want you to join them in their successful business.