Day 4 – “The ninja marketing that every agent should be doing, but aren’t.”

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Here is “The ninja marketing that every agent should be doing, but aren’t.”

 Over the past several days I have gone over a few Top Mistakes that agents are making with their business, but today I want to focus on the marketing tricks that I have used and have seen others use to reach a higher level of success in their business.

In my last email we talked about lead generation and how critical that is in Real Estate in order to break through the glass ceiling and get to the top of where you want to be. So let’s dig in…

 Here is a little secret that I have been using and I have watched masters of Real Estate marketing use to generate a massive wave of seller leads.  Seller leads are often difficult to generate, most agents either don’t know how or just focus on buyers, but we all have heard the old saying “List to last…” You have to work on getting listings in order to keep in the market and listings attract…..You guessed it! Buyers!

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It’s a win, win, when you have listings, because you get the best of both worlds and business becomes easier, the more listings you have, the easier they are to get. Everyone starts to see your signs all around town and buyers start calling in… you get the idea. It’s great to have listings, but how do you get them in the first place!

Sellers want to know one very important thing before they go to list their house, the one thing that is so critical that it will determine their net profit when they do sell.

The value of their home.

Every day thousands of home owners are going online, trying to find current and accurate information about the value of their property.

This is where YOU enter the picture and step right in front of the home owner to give them  exactly what they are looking for, a home valuation!

There is a tool that has become a secret weapon for Top Producing agents that has accomplished the strategic goal of doing exactly the process that we just talked about.

It lets you step in FRONT of the home owner, capture their information and follow up with them to seal the deal and WIN the listing.

It’s a tool that goes to work for you and eliminates the long hard days of door knocking and cold calling.  

This system has sellers coming directly to YOU instead of you having to hunt for them… It’s a breath of fresh air for most agents that want to streamline their lead generation and focus on winning more listings and turning up their sales volume.

This POWERFUL lead generation system was built after years of hard work getting sellers and testing and analyzing exactly the process they take in private before they even interview an agent or list their home.

It’s a seller lead generation system that I designed with the goal of helping agents easily and affordably get seller leads without the frustration of the old traditional tactic’s that don’t work anymore. 

If YOU are ready to take the next step in your Real Estate business and join hundreds of others in generating more seller leads and getting listings in your market, then join me in taking a tour of our seller lead generating system

As a special gift to you for taking my short course, I am giving you a FREE 14 day trail to use my seller lead generating system. I am taking all the risk off your shoulders and placing it directly on myself, if you don’t like Leads2Listing or you aren’t satisfied with the results you can cancel anytime during the 14 day Free trail.

I also will give you my 30 day money back guarantee, so if you give my system a test drive after the Free 14 day trail and you still don’t like it or don’t find it offers any value to you I will happily return 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

If you are ready to give it a test drive and start getting seller leads, then start your journey of success here.


I look forward to seeing you on the other side!