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The Best Way To Capture Motivated Home Seller Leads 


We hear this question often- “How do I get Real Estate Seller Leads?”

I keep hearing from other agents, how hard it is to get seller leads and they all start out with a yearly goal of X amount of listings, because we all know that you have to list to last…

And then sadly they fall short on achieving that goal, they get distracted or frustrated trying to figure out how to get sellers and then that piece of their marketing slowly gets neglected and dries up and sadly so does their business…

So that’s why I came up with, my goal was to build the most effective Motivated Home Seller Leads generating system that does all the hard work for you and puts you back in control of your business and lets you start to dominate your market. 

I have been developing an extremely effective way to capture Motivated Seller Leads and over months and months of testing it out, I have generated well over a 500 hundred seller leads, easily and really without much work…

 I am proud to announce the launch of!  It’s a pre-built seller landing page system that is so simple to use and takes almost no time to get it launched.

Home Seller Leads


Our story is a simple one, 

A few years back, I became a finalist for the Realtor Magazines Top 30 under 30.  

It was a thrilling and an exciting time in my business. I was just 29 years old and I had focused my marketing efforts a few years’ earlier on getting listings.

At the top of my business, I had a little over 250 listings. 

Yes, that’s not a typo… I achieved several of those listings from listing condo and Townhouse developments that had multiple listings. However I didn’t start out with a large development and it didn’t just fall in my lap either.

It was hard work, but it did start from one thing. Getting one listing at a time…

Years before all this, if you asked me how to get a listing, I would have struggled to give you an answer that made sense or that was truly effective.

Sure I got listings here and there and I sold them, but it wasn’t nearly what I could be doing…

It wasn’t until I started to really see a pattern in how listings where won.

Have you ever watched a lion on TV hunt its prey? The big cats have a short spurt of energy so they do everything based on energy conservation and therefore hunt by choosing the easiest path to the prey.

And where is that for Lion’s in the wild?

Most Lions wait in the tall brush near a watering hole, knowing that all the other animals need to drink and by knowing where to be is their first act of being the king of the jungle…

Now you aren’t hunting sellers… I know that. But my Lion King analogy is the best way I can describe how I broke down the science and pattern of sellers and where and how to place myself to capture them.

All sellers want to know one critical thing before they list their home. They want to know the value.

After this breakthrough discovery, I knew I had to create a marketing blueprint that would put me right in the bush near the water…

The best way to capture Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads is by giving them what they want, the information that you know and that they value. It’s that simple.

Join me in generating more seller leads and take on a 30 day test drive for FREE.    Get More Real Estate Listings today!

See you in the tall brush…


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