5 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies

 5 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies


Hint: It’s not about having an Open House or door knocking…

Whether you think you’re a natural at marketing your Real Estate business or not you can always improve. And it’s quite easy.
Did you think great marketing is a skill only a few are born with? That you either have it – or you don’t?
Well, the truth is, some people do have more inborn ability than others. But it’s equally true that no matter how much or little of that ability you have, you can improve by studying technique – tricks, if you like.

Let’s jump in:

1.Use Re-targeting ads to get Real Estate Seller Leads to come back to your website. After a web visitor checks out your Real Estate website and leaves the site, the re-targeting ad platform will keep your custom ads in front of them all across the internet showing up on different websites that they visit and keep your Real Estate Marketing Services in front of the these Home Seller Leads that visited your website days or even months ago… these ads can follow them on Facebook and across the web keeping your face or business name in front of them. Here are the ones I use-

2.Send a hand written note, not typed or printed. Real hand written notes get tons of attention and cut through the clutter of bad mail, they stand out and they have a strong personal touch that’s hard to forget. Don’t want to write it out yourself, use these

3.Give sellers a problem solving guide, ““Learn how to sell your home for more money in less time on the market when you avoid these home seller pitfalls and traps.” The best marketing doesn’t ask the seller to use you or sell their house, it simply educates them. You can create a home seller guide that educates them on the best tips that you have to offer on selling their home. You know this information better than anyone most likely, so share it with sellers and show them that you are the local authority in your market by writing a simple “how to” guide. 

4.Call home owners in your market area and let them know about your recent listing and if they know of anyone that would like to call it home. This shows the home owner that you are active in working for your seller and demonstrates what you would also do for them. It’s a great example of your service.

5.Give potential sellers something of value like the current value of their home by using Leads2Listing, capture  Seller Leads and follow up with a home valuation report and set a listing appointment.


The more often you market the better you do. Whether it’s using powerful lead capturing systems like Leads2Listing or other strong Real Estate Marketing Tools.

That is true of all marketing. Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble advertise more than their competitors – and they are more profitable.

The trick is, how to be more interestingly?

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