My top 5 effective strategies on getting home seller leads to respond and hire you as their agent


There are several types of Real Estate Seller Leads and not one follow up campaign will work for all of them.  Here are the ones we have written for and have worked with.  Below is a list of the types of prospects and my simple yet effective strategies that make your  follow up efforts that more powerful.  When these are used with well written follow up emails they double your chances of getting the deal.



Let’s assume that you have captured  a large amount of Home Seller Leads and you are well into your email campaigns, they are up and running and you have Leads signed up to receive the follow up emails.  Follow the directions for each campaign type and implement them into your emails to add more value to your leads.


Direct Mail Campaign (Have had communication with either buy phone or email, they have indicated that they want to sell  in 3+ months) 

Send them touching base type emails in addition to emails of “just-listed” properties matching homes like theirs or homes that you or your office has sold near by. Also include “just-sold” post cards as well to help establish some evidence of social proof that shows you are the trusted authority on listing and selling homes in their area. 


Seller Campaign (Have had communication with them via email or phone)

Most sellers start out very early in the interview process months before they are ready to sell. Not all will be ready to sell immediately. Send them emails touching base in addition to a new CMA every 2 or 3 weeks. This will keep them updated about their value, and place you in front of them as the expert. Along with your CMA’s make sure to add a market report for the area that they live in. This continued offering of valuable information will  keep you top of mind and keep them informed, which will eventually lead to a conversation and get you in the door. If you have new listings that you have listed, it’s always good to send them to your Motivated Seller Leads, reminding them that you are successful in listing and selling homes. 


 Past Buyer Clients – 60 months, (This may seem way to long, but it’s not. Just trust me. )

Follow up with asking how they are, how the house is treating them, and ask for referrals. Every few months offer a CMA or just send one over to keep them up to date on their value, they may be refinancing or thinking about buying another home, you never know. This is a long term strategy but if combined with the system. You will be the next listing agent working with them when they decide to sell.


Past Seller Clients

Same as the past buyer clients, funnel them into your E newsletter campaign and start the process right after they close. They newsletter isn’t so much like the follow up campaign, it’s more of keeping you top of mind, and asking for referrals.



Your newsletters should be sent once a month to all of your past clients, future clients, friends and family.


Another form of “follow up” is a more non active approach that is simple and still very effective. This method of keeping in front of Motivated Sellers Leads is called re-targeting. 


Let’s assume that you have been using Leads2Listing the lead generation system built for capturing Home Seller Leads for Realtors and you have had a high traffic of web visitors.  By using a re-targeting platform like AdRoll you can create ads like the one below to be shown to your web visitors after they leave your Leads2Listing site. 

Home Seller Leads


The purpose of this type of “follow up” campaign is to keep your brand name and you in front of the home owner that visited your website. Re-targeting ads work by following your web visitor across the web, showing them your ad on Facebook and other websites. This way when you start to follow up with them via email, or by direct mail, your re-targeting ad efforts will have helped to establish your name and brand to them and will have been a nice introduction to help cement your message and build trust. 

Try these follow up campaign suggestions with your leads and see what happens. If you are looking to generate more seller leads and want to build a large data base of home seller leads give Leads2Listing a try. 


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