A New Way for Agents to Get Real Estate Leads for Realtors

Former 30 Under 30 Realtor Magazine finalist Travis Thom, a broker in Albuquerque New Mexico has developed a Home Seller Leads generation software for the Real Estate industry. 

Home seller leads for Realtors

Home Seller Leads for Realtors


Every day thousands of home owners are going online, trying to find current and accurate information about the value of their property. Travis Thom’s leads generation product gives Real Estate agents a competitive edge to be placed in front of those home owners and strike while the iron is hot. 


One of the top problems for an agent is getting listings. We hear it all the time that you need to list to last, I Need Real Estate Leads! but How Do Real Estate Agents Get Listings online? Every agent website or IDX product out there is designed to capture buyer leads, but what about Real Estate Seller Leads?


Travis Thom founder of believes that he has created the solution- The software product works like this, an agent signs up with Leads2Listing and receives a multi-page landing site that is designed to capture sellers. The agent’s landing page has a clear call-to-action offering home owners to find out how much there home is worth and using a geo location auto fill in for the property address, home owners can type in their home address and move to the next step of entering the data specs of the home, ie- how many beds, how many baths, etc…  The short form process collects just the right amount of information from the home owner so that the agent can provide them a home valuation report. At the end of the process the agents seller landing page asks them for their email address so that the agent can send them the home valuation report. 


“It’s quick and simple and generates a steady amount of seller leads. We had been testing in it’s early stages using a Facebook ad targeting 3 zip codes in our area and in the first 48 hours we received over 25 seller leads. “Says Joel Sanchez a real estate associate that works at Travis Thom’s brokerage. 


” At first we built this for ourselves as a way to have a competitive edge in our market, something that was a nice tool to have for our agents, but then after how well we saw it worked, we knew we had to build this as a product that every agent could have access too.” Says Travis Thom- Founder of 


This powerful lead generation system was built after years of hard work meeting with sellers and testing and analyzing exactly the process they take in private before they even interview an agent or list their home.

Here is a little known fact:  66% of sellers hire the first agent they interview.  We knew that this fact was true from over a decade in the business and we set out ideas and the process of how we can help agents be the first agent that gets interviewed and Get the Listing.


We studied the steps that sellers take as they get ready to sell their home and one of the main habits that we kept seeing was that each home owner wanted to know how much they could sell their home for. This step was taken usually before they even interviewed an agent and was the start of their investigative process.  


The steps that each seller took to decide  was a little different, but on average we saw a large majority of our sellers go online and search for different tools to find the value of their home. We saw a decline in trust in sites like Zillow, where often sellers would see a drastic and unrealistic value of their home value that would often leave them with more questions than answers. We saw this as an opportunity to not only help home owners get a professional and accurate home valuation by a local agent, but also help agents step in front of the home owner, capture their information and follow up with them to seal the deal and win the listing.



It’s a tool that goes to work for the agent and eliminates the long hard days of door knocking and cold calling.  It certainly helps to develop a “warm” lead, so that when you do make contact with the real estate seller lead that has requested a home valuation you aren’t contacting them out of the blue, you essentially have a direct purpose and reason for your follow up making the agents job all that easier to connect with the home owner and develop a conversation backed with a purpose. We believe that this helps that agent by making them the local authority on home values and creates some reciprocity by providing the seller with information of value. 


Our system has Motivated Home Sellers coming directly to the agent instead of the agent having to struggle with different way to get Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads… It’s a breath of fresh air for most agents that want to streamline their lead generation and focus on winning more listings and turning up their sales volume by generating Real Estate Leads for Realtors online. 


It’s a seller lead generation system that I designed with the goal of helping agents easily and affordability get seller leads without the frustration of the old traditional tactic’s that require hard work and a lot of time, which most agents just don’t have.  If you are looking for a way to get Free Real Estate Seller Leads, we offer a 30 day free trial, no risk cancel anytime. 


 Instead of finding a way to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads and spending money on 3rd party sites that promise you better Ways to Get Listings in Real Estate, try out a solid solution that has been tested and proven.  Leads2Listing is one of the best ways on How to Get Real Estate Listings on today’s market. 

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