3 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Real Estate Seller Leads Follow Up


Home Seller Leads


When following up with your Real Estate Seller Leads it’s important to have a solid and effective strategy to make the most of your efforts. 


Here are 3 little changes that you can make when following up with Home Seller Leads


1. Send a Personalized Note to Your Seller Leads. 


Study’s have shown the physiological effect of sending a personalized note or hand written note to a prospect helps significantly with building trust and establishing a connection. In today’s world of high tech, where almost everything is done online, there is often very little thought about the personal human touch.

Sending a hand written note can make a huge impact and helps to send a message that someone real is behind the website that they are getting the home valuation from.  If you are short on time and don’t want to write out a hand written note to some Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads, give Mail Lift a try. It’s a great service that will hand write notes for you and send them out for you as well. They hire retired school teachers and other professionals that have mastered penmanship. 


2.  Educate The Real Estate Seller Leads.  

Become the educator. When you were in school, if you had a question, who would you ask or double check your thoughts with? Your teacher.  For us as real estate professionals 70% of the work we put in is not our time we get paid for but our knowledge, our expertise and the solutions that we provide to bridge the gap.

Being the trusted resource of helpful real estate information is a way to make a deposit before you make a withdrawal — with useful, problem solving information.
Take a look at what you currently do in your field. What’s your niche? Do you have a few? Nail down a few topics that you know really well and then set your information free.

Create what I call ” A problem solving report” write out common issues or mistakes that buyers or Motivated Seller Leads in your area of work face and then break out certain topics to write about. It may be titled “Before you sell your house on your own, read this!” Your topic- 5 mistakes that for sale by owners make… and how not to make them.

People are VASTLY more responsive to this kind of information than they are to a traditional ad or the post card that states ” I Just Sold this house”  It builds trust and credibility like no other kind of advertising does. You don’t have to give the person an exhaustive detailed step by step instruction, you only need to give the knowledge that enables them to DO something.

 Besides you want them to CALL you with more questions and “can you help me?, I need your service” Problem solving reports are not theoretical. They are purely action-oriented. So make a list of two or three or five things you want your customer to know how to do as a result of reading your report, then just tell them how.


3.  Be the first to communicate with your Lead.

This is the first step of setting the stage and engaging with the Home Seller Leads. Studies show that the first Real Estate agents to reach out and respond to a Home Seller Lead, have a much higher chance to win the business. An immediate response via email from your autoresponder software will take care of this for you.  After 6 -12 hours your chances are pretty much close to dead…

Your conversion rate dramatically declines, so you need to set the autoresponder to send out the welcome email within 5 minutes.  The first autoresponse is set up to buy you time, it’s an introduction to get to know you and break the ice. Your goal is to connect with them on a more personal email and get them to engage in a conversation. If you haven’t set up an autoresponder system, you can use a system like Follow Up Boss that helps with your CRM with Real Estate Leads for Realtors


 Whether you are following up with  Free Real Estate Seller Leads or you have the  Real Estate Leads for Realtors that you can buy, these 3 simple and effective follow up tips will make a larger impact. 


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