The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Real Estate Seller Leads


 “The sole purpose of a website is to generate leads.” Malcolm Gladwell, one of the top marketing experts, said this and it’s very true for Real Estate. If you are not generating Home Seller Leads and nurturing them for future business, then what are you doing?


real estate seller leads

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The diagram above does a great job of laying out how a lead funnel works online and helps to show the flow and process Real Estate agents should be taking with Real Estate Seller Leads.  Before we can talk about how to Get More Real Estate Listings and the best methods on how to accomplish this, we need to first understand the process of a lead funnel in order to be successful with Get Real Estate Listings Fast. 


Attract Real Estate Seller Leads. 

The best method to attract Real Estate Seller Leads is to use Facebook. Why? It’s easy, it’s simple for us the users wanting to attract leads, but it’s also very powerful in targeting very specific audiences.  Let’s take a deeper look on why and how Facebook is the best place to generate Motivated Seller Leads. 

1.Promote Your Ad to Specific Price Points in Your Market Area or City – Using Facebook’s upgraded advertising tools, you can build ads targeting people who live in specific areas and within specific price ranges in those areas. For example, you can target an entire audience of people who own homes valued between  $300K and $349K in a zip code.  You can find this capability in Facebook’s  Audience under More Demographics. Once you’re there, click on Home and select Home Value. Now can then choose the home value ranges that you would like your ads to target.  

Leads for Realtors


2.Target People Who Are  “likely to move”– Facebook also now has added a way for you to target people based on behaviors, such as those who are most “likely to move” soon. You can find this targeted demographic under Audience, and then look under Behaviors. Scroll down to Residential Profiles, and then select “Likely to Move”. 

Home Seller LeadsUsing these advanced but simple ways to target home owners in your local market area are a very affordable way to zero in on the best prospects using Facebook ads. On average you can generate well over 100 Seller Leads in 30 days only spending an average of $5.00 a day. 


Converting Real Estate Leads for Realtors.

Converting a lead is the goal. Once you have built a path to your site or in this case your Seller Lead Landing Page, you need to convert the lead into your lead funnel. At this stage they have now saw your Facebook ad which should look something like this;

Real Estate Seller Leads


After the seller lead has clicked on your ad, they now should be directed to your landing page. On both your Facebook ad and your landing page you should have a CTA ( Call – to – action). This call-to-action is the hook that makes your lead want to click further and investigate a little deeper into your offering. Your landing page is where you need to capture the leads information, usually it’s just an email or name.  In this particular case we are going to capture the Seller Leads property address, property details and then their email address, so we are using a Home Value site from Leads2Listing as an example. 


You can see in this image below we are using a Leads2Listing Seller Landing page to capture the leads property address and information. 


Home Seller Lead


You can see that this landing page asks a question- “Thinking of selling your Denver/Foothills home ?”  This is a great way to peek the visitors interest, so if they are in deed thinking of selling in the near future, they will probably go further and enter their home address that they want to know the value of.  

The submit button has been pre-designed to be a call-to-action already and it says ” GET MY HOME VALUE”, this is a great call to action, because it tells the user what to do next and builds anticipation. 



Now that you have captured the seller leads information, ( property address, etc…)  we can start to work on closing them. Below is a snap shot at our lead dashboard where our seller leads property address been captured. When we click on them we can see more details, about when they want to sell, number of beds/bath, etc.


Real estate seller leads


The closing process is all about follow up. It’s an art and science that you should be testing, testing, testing… No lead is going to act the same way, since of course these seller leads are humans with their own lives doing things that you and I do on a daily basis. The key thing to remember is that each lead needs to be nurtured, just like a garden, if you don’t water it on a regular basis it’s not going to produce anything for you. So you need to nurture the lead and build a relationship of trust.  If you need help with understanding lead nurturing Real Estate Seller Leads more try this ebook. 

Here are a few suggestions that we have about the follow up process. 

  • Create a CMA/Home valuation and drop off the CMA  at the property address
  • Send a personal note about your services and a bio about you and your company
  • Set up an email follow up for 30 to 60 days and nurture the lead over time
  • Send the seller lead a guide on how to sell their home for a higher profit. Share your expertise with them. 
  • Send them a new revised CMA every month with local market updates about there area to keep them updated. 


Delight Them.

Even though you have contacted them, your job isn’t finished just yet… This is where most agents stop and this is also where most agents lose the business. When we say delight we me mean “Influence”.  There are several ways to keep your leads delighted by your brand and what you have to offer, so we encourage agents to make a list of what they do offer, how they are different and work those into a campaign that will help to influence your seller leads into your business.  Here are some tops ways to use the list of what makes you special and how to use them in your favor. 

  • Write a blog post on some success stories about past and current listings you’ve sold, send these posts via email to your leads
  • Run a contest on social media or by mail to your leads for a $500 gift card to Lowes Home Improvement 
  • Invite your seller leads to your open houses with a special invite that they get a sneak peek on how you market your listings
  • Start a VIP email list about restuarnt openings and local happenings around town they should know about
  • Run a partnership campaign with a local cleaning company and send out a contest drawing for your seller leads
  • Keep your leads updated via newsletter or email about home update and house keeping tips


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