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Leads2Listing has proudly launched another Real Estate Seller Leads site!


Home Seller Leads

Our newest site was created for Stephanie Cone of Denver Colorado of Cherry Creek Properties. Stephanie wanted to target Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads in the Denver area where her Real Estate business is located.  Knowing that Motivated Seller Leads are some times hard to capture Stephanie looked for a successful method and strategy on how to generate a large database of Home Seller Leads in a short amount of time.

Her biggest question, How to Get Real Estate Leads?


We worked with Stephanie to help her generate Real Estate Seller Leads by leveraging Facebook’s new targeted marketing to attract Real Estate Seller Leads.  By running Facebook ads and targeting home owners and home type she has captured hundreds of home  Seller Leads for Realtors like herself.  Motivated Home Sellers clicked on her Facebook ad for Real Estate home owners to get a home valuation of their property and she then followed up with them via email and traditional mail, with a letter sent to them along with a home valuation.  Like many agents they start out with the same thought of “I Need Real Estate Leads!” and they sometimes get caught in the trap of searching to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads only to come up short and down a ton of money… or they try and go the failed route of trying to get Free Real Estate Seller Leads that never really are truly free.

When agents get stuck and try to figure out How to Generate Leads in Real Estate, we encourage them to use Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller leads and give us a try.  We offer 30 days Free and we don’t bite. We promise.


Real Estate Leads for Realtors



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