10 Myths About Home Seller Leads For Realtors

 Many of us here in the Real Estate industry often hear conflicting advice and suggestions about Home Seller Leads For Realtors and usually it’s just someones advice after they gave up trying…  Or they only gave half the effort, after speaking with some of our top producing agents that use our Real Estate Seller Lead capturing sites, here is what they had to say about the top 10 myths about home seller leads for Realtors are;


Myth #1. Real Estate Seller Leads never list with you, they just want to know who much their home is worth.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason some agents say this, is because they don’t follow up with leads properly. Now not all of them are Motivated Real Estate Leads and not all of them give any indication that they are motivated, however the key point is follow up. It’a all about the follow up with every lead that you capture. Most sellers are just in the first phase of their investigative process of finding out their homes value and then they typically start the process of fixing up small repairs around the house and getting the home ready for potential buyers.  Typically home owners take around 3 to 5 months before they actually list their home on the market with an agent.  We recommend that agents continue a well rounded follow up campaign with Real Estate Seller Leads for at least 6 months. 


Myth #2.  I’m better off getting Real Estate Seller Leads for Free rather than using a premium site built to capture them.

Some agents believe that they are better off getting free leads, some way using old tired tactics that may have worked 20 years ago…  Here is the truth, when you calculate the time and energy spent on using older methods like door knocking, calling expired listings, handing out or sending out postcards to a neighborhood you are in a loosing battle.  Yes, they may have worked before the great invention of the internet, but today if you leverage the internet to capture seller leads by using landing pages and other tools like our home valuation sites, you are way ahead of the game. The great thing is, is that most of the agents that use home value sites to generate seller leads, use the methods of door knocking, postcards and print mailing campaigns as a follow up strategy.  These older tactics can still work, but they are amplified when used with a powerful real estate lead generation service. 


Myth#3. I have to spend a ton of money in order to get the Best Leads for Realtors like me. 

We hear this one a lot. Money, money, money…. It’s what makes the Real Estate world go round or flat…. You don’t need a large amount of money to get listings or to generate a steady flow of  Seller Leads. You just need to get started, somewhere. Most systems out there used to capture seller leads require you to advertise your site and use Facebook Ads to get listings.  While this may be an additional cost it doesn’t need to break the bank, you can easily set budgets at a daily rate of $2 or $5 or even more and set ad campaigns to end on a certain date so that you are not continually spending money.  Most agents that have had success with turning seller leads into listings have set a budget of around $5 a day and they target 5 to 10 zip codes and they typically capture around 30 to 60 leads a month.  So even if you just go after a one month campaign you aren’t spending a ton of money and you have around 60 leads to follow up with. 


Myth #4. I need Real Estate Buyer Leads not Seller Leads! 

I Need Real Estate Leads! Well, buyer leads to be more specific… So why should I care about getting listings? Listings are the key to buyers, in fact that is the main strategy of every top listing agent. They have a goal in mind with getting listings, the more listings you have, the more sign calls you will get and in return the more buyers you will get. It’s the cycle of life with listings as the bait to attract the buyers. Simple, right? If you want buyers, getting listings is the smartest way to get them. 


Myth #5. You need to be a tech savvy internet pro to have a site that captures these kind of leads…

Absolutely not.  You don’t need to know a lick of code, know how to program or even need to know how to buy a domain name. Really, you don’t! Our sites are so simple and so easy to use that you don’t need to know any of that in order to use our system and start capturing leads.  In fact, all that is required of you is to put in your name, email address and a few other key items that are needed to get started. If you can create a Facebook page for yourself, then you can easily create a Leads2Listing site.  We built our sites so that they can be easily set up within 15 minutes or less and be able to have your site up and running and capturing leads within an hour of it’s purchase. 


The market is in full swing for a healthy recovery for the Real Estate industry and many agents are starting to prepare themselves for the upswing of the market by positioning themselves to be the listing agent for homes in their market area. Think of it as the calm before the storm, yes things are heating up now, but with pent up demand from buyers and a low listing inventory in 2014, it’s only a matter of time before more homes start to pop up on the market and the tipping point will push the Real Estate market into the sellers hands and keep listing agents busy. The smart agents are putting in the effort now and planing their seeds for a later harvest by getting their name and face in front of home owners that are looking to sell in the future. 

They do this by building a large database of home owners that have expressed interest in value of their home. They may not list their home for sale with you next month, but 4 to 6 months from now, after you have sent them several items from you follow up campaign, keeping them informed about the market and letting them know who you are and what your services are they are now primed, informed and ready for you to list their house. 

Building a large database is the key to becoming a listing machine and dominating your local market. We specialize in Real Estate Leads for Realtors.


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