How to stand out and attract home seller leads for Realtors

Dig Deep To Get Home Seller Leads

Here’s a little something to get your attention.

     Real Estate Seller Leads              


I’ll explain what he’s doing there in a minute…

…but first, here’s a question every Real Estate Seller Lead asks – usually subconsciously – but which absurdly few agents bother to deal with in their marketing.

“Why should I choose you?”

I was prompted to discuss it by something one of our members said. Susan works for a national brokerage and was interested in how you can pick up expired and for sale by owner listings, specifically Real Estate Seller Leads.
I normally don’t do this, and it’s out of my normal business, but I like to see my customers succeed. So I sent her a copy of one of my one sheets I put together for winning over these kind of sellers for some of my agents last year.

(A one sheet is a sort of cheat-sheet, fact filled marketing piece that covers every objection that most sellers have that are reluctant to list…Agents carry this around so that they can leave it behind: you can also use it as part of a mailing if you plan it carefully). 


It’s always wise to leave something tangible behind, so they can process the information while you are not in front of them and the one sheet keeps selling for you.

She thought it was “a great example of an engaging piece of marketing for an area in which it is often very hard to differentiate (although I guess that could be said about a lot of Real Estate in general)”.

I was pleased, of course – we all like a little praise – but I thought I’d talk about what she said a little, with a simple hint.

Standing out and attracting Home Seller Leads for Realtors

Today’s hint: always make sure you differentiate yourself.

Make sure that you do so in every single marketing message you send out or run…

Because if you don’t, you’re making things needlessly hard for your customers.

They have to base their choice on little more than guesswork – like throwing darts at a board while wearing a blindfold.

One man, Rosser Reeves, built a huge advertising agency by finding and promoting a kind of differentiation: he called it the USP – the unique selling proposition.

Rosser’s idea – simple, like all good ones – was to find one benefit nobody else could offer and hammer it home relentlessly.

Of course, that may be easier said than done. As Susan commented, many Real Estate businesses are similar.

But there are many ways to skin a cat. For example, you may not have anything unique, but there may be something you do that others also do – but don’t talk about.

If you’re the only person saying it, you own it. A good example is Zappos. Were they the only company offering excellent customer service while selling shoes online? No. They were just the only ones saying that they provide amazing customer service.

What’s more, if others start talking about the benefit you’re promoting, they can even end up selling for you. That’s because you’ve fixed that particular benefit in people’s minds and they associate you with it.

Moreover, if one special benefit is good, how do you like the idea of several? The more reasons you give, the better you do. Sometimes by bundling a few together you end up with a sort of packaged USP.

Here’s a list of 21 things to start you thinking:

Are you unique?
Better value?
The most trusted?
The friendliest?
The first?
The top producer?
Give a quicker sale?
The most advanced?
The latest?
The oldest?
The most loved?
The one experts prefer?
The most reliable?
More fun?
Sold in a special way?
Easier to deal with?
More helpful?

Why the prairie dog? Because to find the things that make you different, you have to dig.

And that’s often harder for you in your business than it is for outsiders because you’re too close to everything. You either don’t notice things or ignore them. In order to get the Best Leads for Realtors and to keep generating listings from capturing Real Estate Seller Leads and Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads, you need to not just find tune your USB, but also have a Real Estate Seller Lead generating system in place. Give Leads2Listing a try for Free, start your 30 day free trail with us today. 



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