A Home Seller Leads Landing Page to Drool Over ( with Critiques )

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A Home Seller Leads Landing Page to Drool Over ( with Critiques )

  Every little change counts. Adding one simple word, or changing the color of a font on a page can drastically change or improve your Home Seller Lead generation This post is about showcasing an awesome Seller Lead landing page, to give you some inspiration when customizing your Leads2Listing site. It’s worth mentioning that no page is ever perfect- and also, every page can be much better.  Going forward with this school of thought, we’ll be breaking down and offering perspective on what makes this site and each page special and how it’s produced a higher conversion rate than others, while providing insight into what we we might add or change to optimize it for even higher conversions for Real Estate Seller Leads Let’s dig in! But what is it that makes a Seller Lead landing page design so effective?

There are lots of factors, however the main reasons are about keeping to a strict guideline of rules of conversion centered design:


  • Use a clear and concise value statement or question so that visitors understand the purpose of the page immediately
  • Make the entire page one message, with a single primary call to action (CTA)
  • Make the background photo local and relevant to your local market area
  • Make your CTA stand out with contrasting colors and directional cues.

These are just key examples of conversion centered design and good news is that every Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Lead site already has these pre built in each one, you just need to play around with your own site to see what works best for you.     

A Home Seller Lead Landing Page That Converts Real Estate Leads for Realtors. First Page of the site. 

Real Estate Seller Leads   What I like

  • Colorful: The background photo is perfect. It shows the local area that this agent is working in and the photo is a high resolution image that is crisp and clear with some bright attention getting colors. 
  • Strong headline: The headline- “Learn the current value of your home” is dead on. It’s the simple and clear message that let’s visitors know exactly what this site is all about. It’s does’t overwhelm them with information and your attention is grabbed by the orange contrasting color. 
  • Complimenting sub-headline: The sub-headline (which is equally important to the main headline) helps to reinforce the main headline by keeping the thought in the visitors mind, by inviting the home owner to see if prices in their area of increased… Good one! This keeps the visitor moving forward and moving to the next page. Remember it’s all about converting the seller lead to keeping moving deeper into your site. 


    Things that I would change or test out

  • CTA Button: “Find My home” just doesn’t do it for me. It makes me think and you don’t want to make your visitors think. Real Estate Seller Leads may not question this or think to hard about it, but it’s worth testing out and seeing if other versions like- ” Get My Home Value” or “Show Me The Value”, “Get My Home Value Report”… These would be all great to test and see which one is a winner.  Don’t be afraid to test. His CTA might already be a winner, but just test things out. 
  • Distractions are bad: The footer on this page, while it looks nice and clean is actually a potential sand trap. As your eyes move across the page, you may notice your eyes dropping down to the footer text that has the agents number and name.  The best landing pages don’t have distractions, and these can make the visitor stop reading the great headline and keep them from moving forward with hitting the CTA button to go deeper. My suggestion is to take away the custom footer. That way your main headline and CTA do all the heavy lifting and work for you. 


A Home Seller Lead Landing Page. Page 2.

  Seller Leads What I like

  • Great colors: Again the colors on this site, from the background image to the headline text is perfect. 
  • Agent basic info: This is the prefect place to have the agents info begin. On the first page, you want to keep from overwhelming the home seller lead by stating all over your info and have a ton of distracting information that takes away the power of what the site is meant to do-Convert. Here in the upper right hand corner is the appropriate place and time during the visitor movement through the site to show who’s behind the site and give your contact number if they just would rather call you at this point if they have questions. 
  • Great CTA: The Call-to-Action here is perfect. It lets the visitor know that they need to submit the information they put in and move to the next page to get the value of their home. 


      Things that I would change or test out

  • The instructions:  The text “Information about your home, please complete the details below” could be more persuasive. Try playing around with the words. Let visitors know that they’re “Almost done!” or provide a reassuring explanation as to why you need their information. For example: “In order to provide you with a customized Home Valuation I will need just a little bit of information from you…”.  This can help people to give more info!


A Home Seller Lead Landing Page. Page 3.

  Home seller leads for Realtors   What I like

  • Perfect CTA: “Send Report” is short and sweet. It again persuades seller leads to click that button after they have given their contact info in order to get the report. 


  Things that I would change or test out

  • A question with only one way to answer: The headline asks-“How should I send your home value report?” While this is a great headline, it loses it’s punch when the visitor then looks for the options to answer and they only find one way to answer which is by leaving their email and phone number. This causes a bit of a problem, naturally when you ask a question and don’t give a way to answer they way the seller lead wants to, frustration sets in and they may leave they site and say, “ah, screw it…”  We don’t want that.  A better way to handle this would be to make the seller lead feel that they are safe by giving their email to you and say- ” “Your contact information is safe from spamming or unwanted emails.” in small white text as the sub-headline. With the main headline I would say- “Tell us where to send your home value” or ” Your home value report will be ready soon, tell us where to send it.” This fits a little more with the framework given, because this page is a forced registration, meaning that they have to enter in their information in order to get to the next page and for you the agent to send them the home value report. This page is by far the most crucial in the Real Estate Seller Lead funnel for conversion. So every word counts. Test, test test… 


A Home Seller Lead Landing Page. Page 4. Last one!

  Real Estate Leads for Realtors What I like

  • Thank you with style: The agent here has made the thank you page into a great first impression by using the headline and sub headline text to let the seller lead know that he is working on their home value report and in the meantime, they can see how he sells and markets homes. This is awesome! Because he keeps selling what he does without over doing it. He builds trust and authority by doing this. He has also added a marketing video into the thank you page of a property video. This is a bit of more customization than most have time to do, but it’s very nice. 
  • A face with the name: It’s always a plus to have your photo to show people who you are and so they know you are human and ready to help. It’s long time way to build face and name recognition that helps generate Real Estate Leads for Realtors.


This Seller Lead landing page has already generated 44 Seller Leads in only two weeks. I would say that it’s doing a pretty great job so far. 

 Over all it’s a great landing page to convert Real Estate Seller Leads. Using the suggestions mentioned above you can test and see how many Motivated Seller Leads you can attract and convert. Remember to keep testing and try out every word, color and option of persuasion you can try. 

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