Best tools for capturing and connecting with Real Estate Seller Leads

 Here are some of the best tools for generating Real Estate Seller Leads and following up with them to get the job done right. 


If you are in Real Estate, you already know that the number one way to dominate and kill it in the business is by getting listings. And the way to get listings is to generate and capture Prime Seller Leads Real Estate.  Let’s go over some of the best tools for the job and what they are. 


Real Estate Agent Lead Generation

1. AdWerx 

Real Estate Seller Leads





AdWerx helps Real Estate agents by displaying banner ads that are state of the art Re-targeting ads shown across the internet to prospects that are possible buyers and sellers. These Leads are people that have recently visited a Real Estate site or a mortgage site looking at rates. They display your ad to these same people all across the web helping to reinforce your brand and name.  You can have these ads link to your website or partner AdWerx with your Leads2Listing Seller Leads site and watch the Leads roll in. 


2. Facebook Targeted Ads for Leads for Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate Seller Leads




Facebook is still a winning favorite to generate  Seller Leads Free and paid for.  The social media giant has amazing ways for you to target home owners. Facebook also now has added a way for you to target people based on behaviors, such as those who are most “likely to move” soon. As well as targeting home owners by Home Type and Home Value. 


3. Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads

seller leads for real estate agents






If you are looking to generate a large amount of Leads and build a huge database of potential clients, then look no further. At an amazingly low price, these seller lead landing pages help you convert like a pro. All you have to do is market your Leads2Listing site on Facebook and the web to drive traffic, the site will handle the rest for you, since it’s pre-built.



4. MailLift





Handwritten notes get attention. Today with sms texts and emails, it’s always nice to get a hand written note. Stand out to every home owner that you capture and send them a quick follow up note from Maillift that will leave a lasting impression. Maillift sends out real handwritten notes that they write. Just tell them what you want each card or note to say and where to send them and presto! 



5. AdRoll



Once a prospect has left your home valuation website, it’s important to keep in front of them. You may not be able to do that in person, so the next best thing is on the web. AdRoll magically re-targets special ads that you can create that are promoting your Real Estate business. So let’s say someone fills out your home valuation site, they get distracted and leave the site, a day or so later, they are online again looking for shoes or checking Facebook. That’s when your ad for you and your business roll up either into theirs news feed or in an online banner in another website. Keeping you in front of the and top of mind, so when they start getting your hand written notes and postcards they can put a face to the name and they feel like you are a local expert that is popping up everywhere!

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