Site Inspiration For Real Estate Seller Leads And Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Every day we see hundreds of Real Estate seller lead sites and often get asked what are the best practices, headlines, and photo types to use in order to increase conversion rates for Seller Leads and Lead Generation Real Estate Agents

Here are 4 Real Estate Landing Page Examples of stunning Home Seller Leads Sites we love to use as inspiration:

Seller Leads

What we love: Trulia Real Estate Leads has nothing on this amazing Real Estate Landing Page. It captures all the amazing Real Estate Seller Lead information right off the bat on the first page.  The clean style, the Baby Boomer, higher end home of empty nesters calls to the seller leads that may be interested in downsizing and selling their home, so this one nails it for the target market of Real Estate Seller Leads. This is by far the best of the Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages out there.

Lead Generation Real Estate Agents

What we love: Of course, a high resolution photo is key! But what makes this photo even better is it’s taken at dusk and is very inviting. Combine that with the use of the color editor for the text, and adding their logo, you have a WOW Real Estate landing page that is sure to grab a Seller’s attention.

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

What we love: Photos of interiors are a great way to reach a broad audience in your market area, especially if you prefer not to make your landing page specific to one neighborhood or another in your city. The interior of this house is colorful, which makes the page interesting and playful. Additionally, take a look at the sub-headline! It is relative to the season, which tends to have a higher conversion rate for Real Estate Lead Generation Websites. Eat your heart out Trulia Leads!

Real Estate Lead Generation Systems

What we love:  The contrasting colors of the text and the background image really capture your attention. Also, using a background image the market area,  or city, rather than a specific neighborhood or house gives a grand impression.

Real Estate Seller Leads

What we love:  Unlike the other sites, this home page uses a lifestyle photo of the greatness that can happen in a back yard. The orange color of the chairs pops against the color of the headline and draws the Seller’s eyes to the headline.


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