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For many of our users Facebook has been a highly effective marketing tool when it comes to gaining exposure for their Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages. Because the way an ad looks relative to its success we have compiled several ad variations that have a proven track record.

Here are 3 examples of Facebook Ads  we love to use as inspiration:

Real Estate Squeeze Pages

Why it works: The agent using this ad lives in a Southwest city where adobe construction and ornate doors are prevalent. Using an image that is easily identifiable as her market area gives potential Sellers peace of mind that they are working with someone familiar with their city and/or neighborhood.

Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages

Why it works: By letting the home owner know that the value of their property may have recently increased, this agent entices potential Sellers to learn more about market values in their area. Also, letting potential Sellers know that this valuation is free further provokes curiosity of anyone seeing this ad. Real Estate Lead Generation Software like Leads2Listing is a great way to generate Seller Leads for Realtors when using Facebook ads to drive Seller Leads to your home value site.

FB sample 7

Why it works: More than 60% of Facebook users are currently looking at their Facebook feed on a mobile device. This ad directly speaks to the mobile user who can easily see that finding out the value of their home is also available on their mobile device and also shows them exactly what the Home Valuation site will look like. Real Estate Landing Page Software like Leads2Listing can help you generate Home Seller Leads for Realtors.

Need some Real Estate Landing Page Examples? Check out these amazing Real Estate Squeeze Pages by clicking here!  And start generating more Motivated Sellers Leads today!


Real Estate Landing Page Examples

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