How To Build A Re-targeting Campaign On Facebook To Capture Seller Leads

Facebook ads for real estate

Once a prospect or many of the Home Seller Leads that have left your home valuation website or your main Real Estate website, it’s important to keep in front of them. You may not be able to do that in person, so the next best thing is on the web and on Facebook where millions of home owners visit everyday.

Using a special snippet of Facebook code that you can drop into your site, you can magically re-target Real Estate Seller Leads or Home Buyers Leads with special ads that you can create that are promoting your Real Estate business. So let’s say someone fills out your home valuation site, they get distracted and leave the site, a day or so later, they are online again, checking Facebook.

That’s when your ad for you and your business roll up either into theirs news feed. Keeping you in front of them and top of mind, so when they start seeing more of you and your signs around town, they can put a face to the name and they feel like you are a local expert that is popping up everywhere!

How To Re-target Seller Leads for Realtors Using Facebook Ads

In this video guide I am using Leads2Listing’s home value landing page as an example on how you can use the Facebook re-targeting code to re-target Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook. You can use this same method and code on any website that you own and not just a home valuation site.





Real Estate Seller Leads

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of having to build your own Facebook retargeting campaign you can also use a third party service to handle  a large majority of the steps for you. is one of the top players in the industry for retargeting and they also provide retargting on the web and not just on Facebook. This way you can re-target the Real Estate Buyer Leads or maybe some Motivated Sellers Leads across the entire web and not just on Facebook. It’s a very powerful feature when you use it right.

I use AdRoll for my personal Real Estate website and here are a few of the ads that I run to re-target home owners on the web that have visited my home valuation site and then I re-engage them and bring them back to my main Real Estate website using these ads below:


Seller Leads for Realtors



Home Seller Leads


As I said in the video you can use this re-targeting method of digital marketing to re-engage prospects and leads that have visited your main Real Estate website, your property search, your home valuation landing page  , etc… The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with it and if you have any questions I am happy to help. Here is my email address to contact me directly-

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