Our New Seller Leads Landing Page

Introducing Our Newest Seller Leads Landing Page!


Real Estate Seller Leads


Introducing Our Newest Seller Leads Landing Page for Motivated Seller Leads!

We’ve recently launched our newest landing page to boost your Home Seller Leads. Let’s break down why this new landing page is a great landing page for generating Home Seller leads for Realtors.

In order to really get the best leads there are a few key items that you really want off the bat;

The Real Estate Seller Leads First Name

The Seller Leads email address

The Seller Leads property address

Using these key items of data that you really want in order to have a really good lead generation marketing campaign we took each and put them right on the first page of our home valuation landing page.

Who is this landing page great for? Motivated Sellers Real Estate Leads, Real Estate Lead Generation for Real Estate agents and all around seller leads. No need to Buy Real Estate Seller Leads, when you can use Leads2Listings different Real Estate Seller Lead Landing pages.

Or new landing page captures all the key information on the first page! We listened to our users who said “I Need Real Estate Leads that give all the contact information…” With this request we made some quick changes and add this new Real Estate Landing Page design to our Real Estate Lead Generation system and it is now available for all of our users. This new Real Estate Landing Page that was rolled out as a new upgrade and Free Real Estate Seller Leads for our current paying users.

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