Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages That Pull In The Leads

Real Estate Seller Squeeze Pages



Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Leads2Listing helps you to easily attract Home Seller Leads by giving them information they want: the current value of their home by using Real Estate Squeeze Pages. Say goodbye to the frustration of door knocking, and expired listings; say hello to high converting Real Estate Lead Generation Websites that  bring in hundreds of seller leads every month! That actually come to you to learn the value of their home before they list it on the market. Our Real Estate Lead Generation Systems help Real Estate agents capture Real Estate Seller Leads by using Real Estate Lead Capture Pages. Our sites help generate a large volume of Lead Generation Real Estate Agents need in order to thrive in today’s business of  real estate lead generation. 


Step 1: Promote your real estate squeeze page across the internet.

Drive web traffic to your Real Estate Landing Pages by sharing your sites link across various social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc and by advertising using Facebook to specific zip codes and areas that you wish to target or a Google Pay Per Click campaign. Promote your Real Estate Capture Pages on your website, blog, email signature, newsletters, and farming postcards.


Step 2:  Real Estate Seller lead inquires online.

Once you have promoted your home seller landing page everywhere homeowners who are getting ready to sell their property will visit your Free Real Estate Landing Pages to find out the value of their home and start the process of giving you their contact information and their property’s address.


Step 3:  Instantly get the Seller lead.

Once the seller lead has entered in their contact information our real estate lead generation system will automatically notify you via email, sending you all of the seller’s important information. Our Real Estate Lead Generator Reviews the Real Estate Seller Lead and then stores the lead inside of your dashboard for you to either follow up instantly or nurture over time. 


Step 4 : Follow up with the Lead.

Once you’ve received a lead inquiry follow up with each seller by providing them with a customized Home Value Report for their property. Use this as an opportunity to be the expert and win the listing!


With Leads2Listing our Real Estate Lead Generation system helps you to pull in leads all over the web and into your closed file. Building your lead database is the best way to build a volume of listings later in the months and years to come with your Real Estate business and when you provide home owners with something of value they have a deeper connection with you rather than some agents that may just send a post card or have an open house down the street to gain business.

By providing an item of value you are truly helping them and educating the home owner on their homes value, which in turn makes you the authority figure that has built trust and established a relationship with the home owner.

Just as a teacher in the classroom is the trusted authority on a certain subject, you the educator are the Real Estate agent that they will trust and list with after you have established a positive connection with the home owner about their property.

Provide sellers with the number one piece of information they want to know: the current value of their home.

Millions of homeowners take to the web to find how much their home is worth as they get ready to list their home on the market for sale. Capture Real Estate Seller Leads by giving them valuable information they want, follow up to win the listing while the iron is hot and the timing is right.

Leads2Listing Home Value sites give Real Estate Pros an advantage in their market by giving them the powerful tool of Home Value Sites that are designed to convert Home Seller Leads for Realtors. Start capturing Motivated Home Seller Leads today!

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