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Within 95 Days of Signing Up With Leads2Listing, Texas Real Estate

Agent Doubles Monthly Closings and Sees an ROI of 39,000%

Spending only $39 a month, Laura Rosser, Real Estate agent for Century 21 Mike Bowman, more

than doubled her listing volume and closings. Here’s how.


An energetic and motivated agent in Grapevine, Texas, Laura Rosser, is an action taking, go get ’em kind of agent.  In a competitive environment and battling a low inventory of homes for sale, Laura needed an edge, a boost of sorts, to take her business to the next level and stand out among the crowd of local agents. 

As the Real Estate market continues to recover Laura set out to make 2015 her best year yet. Already building a successful Real Estate business, she needed to position herself professionally to stay ahead of the game, beat out the competition, and increase her revenue. 

Until recently Laura had not found what, exactly, that extra advantage over the market’s landscape and how she would accomplish her goals. She knew that many home owners go online to research property values before they make their first steps towards selling their home and she understood that more and more online lead generation was becoming easier and a proven method to create new business. 

On October 16th 2014, Laura discovered Leads2Listing.


 How Leads2Listing Helped Make Laura’s Real Estate Business More Successful. 

Leads2Listing: Why did you start using our Leads2Listing home valuation landing page?

Laura: I started using Leads2Listing landing pages to generate more listings.lessthan95days

Leads2Listing: How many leads a week are you getting on average?

Laura:  On average I see about 10 per day when I’m running ads. I run ads 2-3 times per week so I’m generating anywhere between 20-30 leads per week.

Leads2Listing: Have you received any listings as a result and if so how many have closed?

Laura:  Since January I’ve listed 4 homes as the result of using Leads2Listing.  Two of them are now closed and more to come!

Leads2Listing: Where do you post or advertise to get leads for your landing page?

Laura:  I use Facebook (running ads and posting in Real Estate groups), flyers, drip campaigns that Leads2Listing offers, and on site events.


Knowing that she needed to make more contacts in order to make more connections with potential clients, Laura created a Home Valuation landing page with a clever headline that teased home owners with a little question.  “If someone wanted to buy your home, would you sell it? Find out it’s value in the current market!”   With a high-end designed landing page and a targeted Facebook Ad, Laura launched her campaign for more seller leads.

What did she think of the results?

Here’s what she sent our Leads2Listing team after she got some activity from her campaign:

fb laura

A few weeks later she then sent us this email:

Laura email






Leads2Listing: What has been your best Facebook ads so far?

Laura:  If someone wanted to buy your home, would you sell it?

lauras FB ad



Q: What is your best follow up technique with seller leads so far?

A: I’ve found that getting out there and door knocking the addresses that have submitted their information has an incredible conversion rate. Sometimes all it takes is a seeing a real live person to convince them they trust the process. 


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