5 Smart Ways To Use Facebook Ad Targeting To Target Real Estate Seller Leads

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate Using Facebook Ads

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Almost as many people that use Facebook live in the entire country of China. Now that’s a huge number of active daily users that login every day and spend countless hours of time on the largest social network.  That is over 1.3 billion people, that billion with a capital B…  With so many active users, Facebook has become the preferred marketing arena for lead generation for marketing agencies and business world wide. 


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Recently Facebook advertising has become a great way to create Lead Generation Real Estate Agents and a great way for them to turn Listing 2 Leads and capture home seller leads.  Millions of home owners are on the internet everyday, and more and more smart Real Estate agents are leveraging the powerful reach of the Social network and laser targeting home owners. Facebook is a Real Estate marketers dream come true and many argue that is becoming the dominate player in Real Estate Lead Generation Systems.


1. How to Get Listing Leads By Targeting Home Owners

  • Home Type – Here you can target your audience by their home type. (US Only) For example, a Real Estate agent may choose to target people living in single-family homes.
  • Home Ownership – Here you can target your audience by whether they’re homeowners or renters. (US Only) For example, an brokerage company may choose to target home owners and drive them to a home valuation site. 
  • Home Value – Here you can target your audience by the value of their home. (US Only) For example, a real estate agent may choose to target homeowners with a home value between $600,000 and $1,000,000.
  • Household Composition – Here you can target your audience by their household composition. (US Only) For example, an agent may choose to target Empty Nesters who are looking to downsize.


Targeting home owners by home value is a great way to segment the market that you want to specialize in and grow your business in. For example let’s say that you want to make a name for yourself in the higher end market and you want to list homes for $700k and up… Using Facebooks ad targeting for home owners that own a home that has a value of $700k-$999,999 and you can select this range to have your ad show only to this group of home owners. So you will want to make sure that your message to these type of home owners is crafted to speak directly to home owners with a high end home. 

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Using a well written ad with ad copy and a ad image that calls to the type of home owner you are targeting is key. The Facebook ad below is written using words that express the mindset of the higher end home owner. They use words like, “security” and “equity gain” and the image used in the ad is more of a lifestyle image that calls to the home owner of a higher end home. 


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 The headline of the ad says’s “About Your Investment.” This headline draws in the attention of the investment minded home owner and more higher net worth home owners see and think of their home as an investment, so this ad copy is great to use when targeting this type of home value audience.  

2. Home Seller Leads for Realtors Using Home Type

Real Estate Listing Leads are the lifeblood of Real Estate lead generation for Real Estate agents. So you can imagine our excitement when found out how to target home owners that live in a certain home type. 


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Targeting listing leads by home type is a great way to center your message to each group. For example lets say that you want to start listing condos in your market and you have a condo that you just listed and you run an ad to home owners in the same area that you listed the condo in and you want the condo home owners to know that you are the expert sales agent in the condo market and that they should use and trust you as the preferred condo listing agent.  

Using Facebooks home type targeting selection, you can choose to only target home owners that live in a condo this way or you can choose single as well. 

This may also be a great way to build an email list of just condo owners and send them marketing on the condo market and show what condos are selling. Below is an example email we sent out to the email list of condo home owners that we captured. You want to make sure that you segment this audience for the right email messages so they are more relevant to them and this will help your brand and marketing make a deeper impact with the market segment you are targeting. 



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 3.  Target Seller Leads By Length Of Stay At Residence.

It ranges from 7 to 13, but on average we see home owners sell their home around the 7 year mark…But it also depends on the demographic, Baby Boomers, Gen X, etc… Each is in their own special life stage, so one set may fit into the 7 year mark, versus the 13 year mark which may be for Gen X who bought in the peak of the boom and to only lose equity in the recession, so they might stay longer…  


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In the “old days” agents would go to the country records and look up homes and communities that had been built 7 to 12 years ago and then start farming these areas, because they knew that these home owners would be selling sooner rather than later statistically.  Armed with this knowledge now and the power and reach of Facebooks big data on home owners this is now a old school marketing technique that can be reused with Facebook targeting ads. 


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Agents that are working on generating seller real estate leads using Facebook ads should use this strategy as a way to reach home owners that are ripe for selling and if they should be doing this anyway on a large scale of home owners in their city.  It’s getting harder to find Real Estate Leads for Free today, however this is as close as free info as you can get with Facebook targeting tools and it’s a great way to expand your reach. 


4.  How To Target Home Seller Leads Downsizing.

Every home owner is in a different life stage and your marketing should be sensitive to this. For example a “Empty Nester” is a home owner that has had it’s children fly the coop say to speak… The kids have moved off to college or moved out to a different home and now this home owner is condisdred an empty nester. 

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Typically an empty nester is a home owner that has a larger house as well and this life stage of home owner is also usually a baby boomer. Now if you target and combine all three of these into one home seller lead campaign you will most likely be capturing home owners that want to downsize and buy a smaller home. This is a wonderful way to find seller leads and buyer leads in the same place, since most are going to be selling and then buying into a smaller home. 


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5. Targeting Seller Leads By Home Size.


Piggy backing on the segmented audience of Empty Nesters as the Real Estate Seller Leads that you want to target, you can throw in a way to target these home owners by size of the home. 

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You have two different choices of property size to select from. The first is land size and the second is house size by square footage.  Let’s say you want to target home owners that live on a large lot that needs more maintenance than they may want to keep up with and you add in the house size of a larger home for your area.  Presto! You’ve now got a great way to target home owners that may be wanting to downsize. 


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