3 Facebook Ninja Marketing Strategies That You Can Use To Generate More Seller Leads Today


Real Estate Seller Leads

There are so many different ways to use Facebook to generate more Home Seller Leads for your business, so today we will cover a few of the ones that are some ninja marketing strategies that are often over look or unused and how to apply them to your Real Estate Lead Generation today.


1. Target Home Owners That Work At A Company That Is Being Shut Down or Re-locating

It happens. Companies shut down, downsize or re-locate to a different city for economic reasons and many of the employees need to go with the company and decide to sell their home and go with the company. You probably have heard about one or two companies that are going through some phase of this in your city or state and wonder how you can help the home owners of that work for these companies, since after all you sell homes and they have one that they need to sell soon…

The solution;

Use Facebook’s audience targeting to segment and target people that are home owners that work for company X .

1. Start by going to the create an ad section. Then choose the “Send people to your website” This is where you want people to go once they click on your ad that you are going to create. We suggest using a home valuation landing page or your main website about your selling services.

2. Next we want to choose the area that we want to target to generate the Real Estate Listing Leads. This is done by choosing the city, zip or dropping a pin of the area on the map. We also want to choose “people that live in this location”.


3. Now we want to refine the targeting and drill down to the very specific segments. Here is where we select the demographics, then Employers, and from there we can then type in the company or companies that we are going to target with our ad. For this example I choose two different companies in my city that I want to target the people that work at these companies.


job targeting


4. Now that we have established which companies we are now going to target, we now need to select the ad to target Home Owners, because we want to get in front of the people that need to sell their home. We do this by going back into demographics and selecting Home Ownership and choose Home Owners.  This has now refined our audience to target 1,300 people that work at these two companies that are home owners.

targeting jobs and home owners


This is a great way to target those home owners that have a ticking clock on when they need to sell. This is a strategy that you can put to use once you hear news about a company in your area shutting down, moving or downsizing.  With this Facebook strategy and your new knowledge about the companies next moves, you can expertly craft a marketing message that calls directly to the people that work for these companies and it’s important that you take extra care with this type of campaign, since most of these people may be entering into a challenging time, it may be a lay off, or being up-rooted and sent off to a new place. Your marketing should focus on helping them and use emotion and care with your ads.

What type of ad to use? There are several types of ads that you can use for this type of campaign. Really it all depends on what kind of marketing material you have to give them or share with them to help influence them to make a decision. Your goal should be to capture their information and give them an item of value that you can use to follow up with and start your process of lead nurturing.


This ad is an example that you would want to use that would send people to your main Real Estate website. Preferably to a page that would give them more information on how you sell homes and what you are offering them. Notice the ad copy that I used. I mentioned “Thinking of selling soon?” this is a great headline for this target group, because it’s not too pushy and not too obvious either. Selling their home is most likely on their mind, so it’s a headline that calls directly to them.


This ad here used as an example is one that you would use if you were going to send people to get a home valuation. This is a best bet use for this type of campaign. Pricing and values are going to be top of mind for the home owner that is being forced into a market that they didn’t anticipate entering into, so with a new life event taking place, they want information that will help guide them to making a wise decision and help them to reduce any anxiety they may be having about selling.

home value example ad


This ad below is best used if you are going to give away an e-book about selling your home and maybe some tips on selling a home fast. This type of marketing helps you to build trust and influence home owners by educating them about your expertise and showing them your knowledge and skill set in a well informed ebook style. The best way to deliver this is via a landing page like this one that targets Seller Leads.


sell your home ebook ad



2. Use Your Old Email List To Spark New Life Into Old Leads With Custom Audiences & Offer A Home Valuation.

This ninja marketing strategy is great for those of us that have been in the business for many years and have gathered up a pretty healthy size email list. For example I have been in the Real Estate business for over 14 years now and during that time I have captured, collected (whatever you may call it) about 6,700 emails of buyer leads, seller lead, past clients, home owners that I sold homes too and just all around meeting people and getting emails.

Let’s start with WHY.  If you have a list big or small, this list is important, it’s full of leads from your property search, people from open houses and many past buyers that you sold homes to years ago, but maybe you haven’t connected with them in years ( opps! ) No worries, we can breath some new life into these old leads and email list by following this pro tip using Facebook.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go into Facebook and go to tools. Then select Audiences.


2.  Next, click on the Create Audience button. Here is where you want to select Custom Audience.


create audince


3.  Create your custom audience by selecting the type of method you want to upload and what type of file you have. The method I have chosen to use for this example is uploading an email list in a .csv file. You can also upload via MailChimp is you use Mailchimp or even use phone numbers.

create custom audince

4. Next hit “Create Audience” and then you will have this custom audience of all your emails that you have collected over time packed into one target group that you can run your ads to.  Once you have created the audience, go into your ad manager and create your ad for this group.

custom email list


5. Now you can start running an ad that target this group or custom audience, it’s the best way to generate Free Real Estate Seller Leads and re-engage old Real Estate Buyer Leads that you had generated in the past, but haven’t kept up with in awhile. The best ads for this type of campaign are going to be home valuation ads or ads that bring people back to your main Real Estate website to get them reacquainted with you and your business.

You can also run just listed and just sold ads that show you are active in the market and that the Real Estate market is moving, which when you include a nice call-to-action like “Give me a call if you have a buyer” or “Another one sold! Contact us today to help you with selling your home.” can help increase the engagement with some of these old leads.



3.  Target This Segmented Group Of The “perfect storm” Of Demographics That Is Most Likely To Move In The Near Future.

Every market has it’s typically group of buyers and sellers that meet a certain consumer profile of sorts. Large marketing companies create buyer and seller profiles for their fortune 500 companies that they help with growth and sales. Taking the same idea out of this playbook, we can explore how to create a seller profile of someone that is the most likely person to sell in the next 6 months and how to start to nurture those leads now, so your pipeline is full for the future.

Creating Your Seller Lead Profile;

Let’s take some basics that every agent knows about first and apply that methodology to how to target them via Facebook.

  • Older home owners are prime candidates for moving and downsizing. ( target baby boomers)
  • People living in larger homes are more likely to downsize. ( target larger homes )
  • Home Owners that have lived in the home for more than 7+ years are more likely to move ( target length of stay at home)
  • People that have had children in the house, but they have left the home in the past years. These are Empty Nesters. (target empty nesters )

With these four main data points we can now build out a seller lead profile of who to target. We want to target the following;

  • Home Owners
  • Empty Nesters
  • People Looking To Downsize
  • People that have lived in the home for a long period of time
  • Baby Boomers

This group is the most likely to sell in the future and it’s great to start now to capture and develop a relationship with these leads over time.. Not all of these combinations are going to work together with every market, but when you pair a few of them together they can be powerful.

Here is how you pick out each segment.

1. Home Owners. Go to More Demographics, select Home Ownership, then choose Home Owners.

home owners choosen

2.  Empty Nesters. Go to More Demographics, then select Household Composition, then choose Empty Nesters.


baby boomer choosen


3. Baby Boomers.  Go to More Demographics, then choose Generation and then select Baby Boomers.


empty nesters choosen


4. Length Of Residence. Here you will need to go to Behaviors and then select Residential Profiles, from there select Length of Residence. Then choose 6+ years.

length of home stay


5. Larger Home Size.  Here you want to go to More Demographics, then to Home, Home Type and then select Square Footage. From there select the desired size of home.


size of home

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