How To Use Eye Catching Images To Get More Seller Leads


If you are using any type of Real Estate Lead Generation Services to help you generate more seller leads for your business then you may have used some type of stock images in the past for your landing pages or for your website. While standard stock images are easy to use and find, studies have shown that many people feel a sense of being disconnected or develop a lack of trust when visited a website that uses the typical boring stock photos.



So what should you be doing instead?

Use real images or use stock photo companies that use real images from photographers. Did that sound confusing? We totally understand. Here’s what we mean. Between the two images below, which one evokes a deeper range of emotions when you look at them? Which photo sends a shot of dopamine through your brain and triggers a memory or a smell, or maybe persuades you to take a certain action? Our guess is the one on the bottom. Why? Because it’s real, it’s beautiful and it has some originality to it that is familiar and attractive.


Image 1.

Seller Leads for Realtors



Image 2.

Real Estate Seller Leads



Whether you are using images to capture Home Buyer Leads on your main Real Estate website or using a home valuation landing page to capture Listing Leads for Realtors or for yourself as an agent, images play a huge part in the lead generation and conversion process of lead generation.

In a recent study from Business 2 Community about Visual Marketing they found out the following;  “Fast forward to 2015 and it’s an entirely different story. Pages with images or video draw, on average, 94% more views than their text-only counterparts.




In the book The Power Of Visual Story Telling, Author Ekaterina Ealter explains; “The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Which, with 71 percent of users now accessing social media from a mobile device, the rise in smartphones, combined with mobile only channels like Instagram and Vine, it’s never been easier to capture and share photos and videos quickly.”

In today’s world of visual story telling you have the choice to either make your visual storytelling gorgeous or plain. The results of your conversions may already tell you the story of what you should choice. For all of our marketing imagery ( from our old brokerage and real estate marketing to capturing Home Seller Leads using landing pages ) we have used the following three companies for our stock images. Here are three of our favorite places to get amazing stock photos that don’t look like stock photos… 🙂


Stocksy Has Some Amazing Images That Can Compel Seller Leads


Home Seller Leads for Realtor



Dollar Photo Club, Which Is Now Abode Stock Images

Motivated Sellers Leads


Unsplash Is Amazingly Free and A Great Place To Find Rare Images That Might Create A Deeper Emotion With Home Seller Leads for Realtors That Want More Authenticity


real estate seller leads


As you create content for your seller lead generation it is important to make sure that you use the right image that fits your demographic and target market that you are going after. If you are targeting an affluent area with high-end listings, you want to use higher end looking images of homes. Like this one:


how to get listing leads


Once you have determined what your target market is, start to research and look for images that convey or appeal to that market and the home owners that live in that area. It may be a local image of a popular landmark to help you show that you are local and trusted. It could also be an image of a family or home that fits the local architecture of the homes.

Great images that are paired with great landing pages will help you to increase your lead generation. The second step is making sure that your images fit and that they look good on the landing page or Facebook ad.  Most of the time those images fit right into the landing page no problem, other times you may want to crop the photo or light/darken it with some effects or you may want to add some text on top of the image like this one below that was used for a Facebook ad;



With any type of editing of images, we find it best to use simply, yet effect online tools. Our favorite online editing tool for photos also happens to be FREE! We use Picmonkey.


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