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How To Get 300% More Real Estate Leads Using Single Property Websites

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites


A Few Things To Know About Real Estate Lead Generation Websites Before You Start

The purpose of Single Property Websites used to mostly focus on presenting the home in a simple way for agents to advertise the home and show home owners how they market the property. However they all looked pretty old and boring and for the most part none of the designs and styles have really evolved that much from the early 1990’s, until the past the 5 years or so. The internet has become the most used tool for buyers and future sellers to search for properties and to search for a future home.

Being that almost every Real Estate search starts online, it’s the best and most natural place to capture leads if you are a Real Estate agent advertising a property on a single property website. In fact with Facebook, Google SEO and PPC there has never been a better time in the age of the internet to create your own Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and start sending traffic from the web directly into a single property website that captures leads like a boss.

In order to really step up your Real Estate lead generation online, we need to go over the numbers of conversion and crank out some basic conversion rate math. Ugh, math… No one really likes doing math, but when you equate ( get it?) to conversions that equal listings and buyers that convert into closings, then it’s much easier to work out those numbers and focus on the pure goal of getting more money from every lead you capture and watching the bank account grow. Who doesn’t want that, right?



So, let’s do some conversion math!

Let’s say you want to start earning $75,000 more a year. Sounds like a good number, so how do we get there?

First, let’s break down an average sale and commission earning. ( This is purely a rough example, so you may need to work on your average medium sales in your area to refine the math. )

Let’s say that the average home sales are $250,000 in your area and that is what you are used to selling.

Now, for a commission $$$$! Average is around 3%, so 3% of $250k is $7,500.  ( Since everyone’s splits are different across the board, I’m not going to get into those details )

Now we simply divide our goal of $75,000 of desired income by the average commission we get from the $250k closing. Which equals = 10 closings

So we now know that we need 10 closings to get $75,000 in gross commissions.

Now for conversion math! Yeah! Alright, let’s dive into the online conversion math and how this all works for your single property websites, or my single property websites…


Lead Generation Real Estate Agents


Your property website needs traffic, your lead generation depends on the amount of traffic that you are sending to that listing website.

Here is how this looks as far as numbers. Let’s say that you property site converts around 5%.  ( Conversion is the word used for capturing the real estate leads information, email, name, etc.)

Single Property Site converts around 5%

So let’s say we can confidently connect and close 30% of those leads over the period of a year, after lead nurturing, follow up calls, etc…

So in order to meet our goal of $75,000 in more income, we need to have at least 1,000 visitors to our single property website. Here is what the math looks like with a 5% conversion rate;

1,000 web visitors to property site

5% conversion rate of 1,000 people= 50 leads captured

30% conversion to close= 15 people ( This is how many leads that you are converting into actual clients that want to buy or sell a home )

15 clients with an average sale of $250,000 = $3, 750, 000 in gross sales

$3,750,000 in gross sales with a commission of 3%= 112,500

Gross commission income from the closings= $112,500

Yes!!! Hoorrayy!! So we may have gone a little over $75,000 as the goal, but you get the picture. If you can close around 30% of the Real Estate leads from your Single Property Website Templates and they are converting around 5% then that easily meets your goal of earning an extra $75k a year or more!

Now that we have nailed down the conversion math and what that looks like, let’s now go over how to send over 1,000 people to your property sites.


First Choose The Right Real Estate Lead Generation Software

When making the choice to buy the right site to showcase your listings, you want to look at a few things before you commit. Does it;

  • Have lead generation capabilities
  • Does it send leads to your phone via text message
  • Can it promote every life stage of the listing, coming soon, just listed, just sold
  • Does it have an email autoresponder system
  • Does it visually look beautiful
  • Is it mobile responsive ( that’s a big one! )
  • Can you build one style of design or several
  • Can you upload video of the property
  • Can you use your own domain
  • Can you edit the colors of the site

If you can answer yes to all of these then you’ve found the right single property website for your lead generation!


Now for Traffic! Drive That Web Traffic To Your Real Estate Property Website.



The best place with the most amount of data to really laser in on home owners, renters, and anyone that might be a potential real estate client in the future is on Facebook.  It has so much information about home owners, that you can target by using the following items;

  • Year built
  • Size of home
  • Length of residence at the home
  • Home value
  • Most likely to move

Below are some great resources on how to build a highly targeted campaign in Facebook. Click on the image to read the full how to article for each one.

seller leads


Real Estate Seller Leads




Now for the lead capturing! It’s key that your single property sites have lead capturing built into each site. When you first get a new listing, make sure to create a property site and use the coming soon lead capturing field.  As seen in the image of a property site below;



Coming soon listings are a great way to build a buzz about the home before it hits the market and most importantly lead generate. Using this as the first step in your online lead generation you can generate real estate buyer leads and seller leads that are interested in the home.


Next step after the property hits the market is to create a Just Listed campaign. This can be done with the click of a button inside our system. Take any type of old school print marketing of Just Listed postcards and turn this into a digital campaign and then target home owners around the property within a 5 mile radius of the home and target renters and home owners to let everyone know about the new listing that just hit the market.


Click On The Image To See The Live Version Of A Just Listed Property Site


Advertise your Just Solds! Make sure that you take the time to really advertise your Just Sold listings, this is going to add amazing social proof to your overall business and social media campaign. Future seller’s are very interested in knowing what your home sold for, they are also watching how you market and sell homes. Don’t be silent about your success or shy about the promoting the homes you’ve recently sold. Say it loud and proud with a great property site and let everyone know that you are looking to list and sell more homes.

The great feature with these type of sites are that they allow you to lead capture at every life stage of the listings phases on the market. These site lock down the price of the home, they have a nice headline that asks if they want to know more about the home and they can use the Coming Soon, Just Listed and the Just Sold call-to-action items to attract more leads into the site.

By using every life stage, coming soon, just listed and just sold and by sending traffic to that site from Facebook you can then increase your lead generation by 300%!

Unexpected kindness is the most


Don’t let that fact scare you! If anything let it power you with knowledge on how to move forward with your plan on how to better follow up with each lead and how to nurture those leads over time.  Our system has a built in autoresponder system that allows you to send messages over time, spread out over minutes, hours, days weeks or months. Keeping you in front of each lead that you capture and helping you to build a relationship via email.

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