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Top 6 Things that Drive Up the Cost of Your Facebook Ads Conversions For Real Estate Seller Leads

Many agents are using Facebook Ads as a Real Estate Lead Generation tool and Facebook Ads targeting to generate Real Estate Listing Leads is one of the more effective Real Estate Lead Generation platforms out there today, specifically when it comes to conversions and Home Valuation Landing Pages. Real Estate agents with this knowledge of Facebook’s ad platform are often able to do very well and get a lot of Real Estate Leads and conversions with Facebook Ads. There’s one thing that haunts all Real Estate agents using Facebook to generate Home Seller Leads, however: the cost of your Facebook Ads conversions.  Running Facebook Ads can get… Read more

The art and science of following up with Real Estate seller leads

  You’ve successfully incorporated a real estate lead generation site into your marketing process and started to capture some qualified Real Estate Seller Leads. Congratulations! But before you rest too much on your laurels, remember that your job doesn’t start and end with a list of new Home Seller Leads, no matter how promising they seem. You need to take the necessary steps to transform your qualified marketing leads into listings. If the road from qualified lead to home sale seems like a long and rocky one, take heart. It’s true that just because visitors to your site have asked you for market analyses of their… Read more

Facebook Location Targeting For Real Estate Seller Leads

  Facebook recently released their newest addition to location targeting for their ads and with this new addition you can now target prospective Home Seller Leads or just new clients by targeting specific addresses and people that have either recently visited that area or have passed through that area recently.    New Ways To Target Real Estate Seller Leads by Geography    Target By Address When selecting the geographic location of your audience, you’ll notice a little update…    People Who Live In This Location Let’s say you don’t want to reach anyone who is just visiting the area. You only want people who… Read more

Why Should I have a Real Estate Seller Leads Landing Page?

  Lead generation is the lifeblood of many successful real estate agencies. But whether you are a seasoned veteran or newly licensed agent, gathering qualified Home Seller Leads for Realtors can seem like a daunting—if not impossible—task. Identifying enough sales leads to keep your pipeline full used to mean hours spent on the phone, going door to door or making the rounds at community functions. Finding those qualified leads among larger, general populations of home owners can be a slow process, yielding mixed results. Adhering to restrictions under the do-not-call registry and neighborhoods with non-solicitation ordinances can further complicate the process…. Read more